Which Should You Buy? Vape Mode Or Vape Pen?

Choosing between buying a vape mod or vape pen can be daunting because there are a lot of amazing options available in the market, so you have to know which of them will fit your needs. To help you choose which one to get, let us look at the difference between vape pens and vape mods. 

Vape pens

Pens are a kind of e-cigarette that has the same size as a bulky pen. They have a good amount of battery life, and they usually last about the whole day, depending on the kind of vape pen that you Vape Mode Or Vape Pen - NICMAXXpurchase and how often you use it. These pens are refillable, so you do not have to spend much on getting juice in it. There is a lot of vape volume, which means you can get thick vapor in each puff. 

Vape pens are basic, classic, and simple. The three kinds of pens are herbal concentrates, e-liquids, and wax or concentrated oil. The most common pen is the e-liquid kind, it comes with a supply of either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol that gives flavor to your puffs, and they have a dosage of nicotine. 


When the flavor is heated through the coil, it makes a thick cloud of vapor that goes through the mouthpiece. Pens are cheap and disposable; they do not have the kind of flavors that you can get with a vape mod. Vape pens are simple and convenient to carry around and use, so they are perfect for smokers and beginners. After charging the battery, you can start vaping within five to ten minutes. 

Vape mods

Vape mods, otherwise known as mechanical mods, are larger than pens, so they are not common. However, since they have a larger body, they allow more power. Mods give out more vapor than pens, so it will enable a deep throat hit, and it gives stronger juice flavor. Mods give you more options, more power and they are more personal. They are also more versatile than pens, mods have adjustable settings, larger battery, and they make a larger and more powerful cloud when used. Mod’s batteries can be recharged or replaced, and they come in different colors, shapes, and styles. Compared to pens, mods are more expensive, but they are ideal for serious vapers. 

The significant differences between mods and pens are the strength and size. Pens are smaller than mods, which is why vapers prefer them. They are easier to use and to carry around. Mods are not ideal for daily use, but if the size does not bother you, then mods are for you because they create stronger and thicker hits than pens. This is ideal for those who vape occasionally and those who have a high tolerance. 

How to choose the right pen or mod

You need to consider your smoking habits when searching for the right mod or pen. How strongly do you want your hit to be and how often do you smoke? If you smoke throughout the day, then a vape pen is the best one to get. You can choose between e-liquids, waxes, and herbs. But if you want something strong and if you do not smoke often, then a vape mod is the best one for you to get. Mods are full of power, so the experience hits you immediately. 

No matter which one you get, you need to make sure that you buy the one with the highest quality. This is to make sure that you get to enjoy your money’s worth and that they are safe to use. These pens and mods also come with accessories, so aside from the device itself, also make sure that you only get the best quality of the extra products.

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