The Best E-Cig Flavors To Try For Beginners

There is more to vaping than just nicotine. There are hundreds of delectable flavors that you can choose from. For the new ones, picking out a selection of vape juice can be a treat, or it can be an overwhelming situation. With a lot of options to go for, you may not know where to start. Knowing more information can help you choose the best vape juice for you. 

There seems to be an endless number of vape juice options on the shelves, from the basic grape juice to a concoction of tastes that you will never expect, like chicken or bacon. You may have heard that vape juice is filled with toxic chemicals like antifreeze, but this is not true. 

What what are the best flavors to vape?

There are 400 million people around the world who vape, and one thing that they all have in common is their desire to find the best combination for an amazing vaping experience. Some of these aromas are very alluring; they may even help you quit smoking traditional cigarettes. There is a flavor for every e-cig user out there, and what you put in your vaporizer is what really matters. 

If you like the freshness that you get out of a menthol cigarette, you will probably love a vape juice with peppermint. Some new vapers stick with the familiar taste of tobacco while some enjoy sweeter, candy, and dessert-like vape juices. Whether you are curious about new products or you are wondering what today’s most trendy flavors are, there are lists of juices that you can check out, some of the highly recommended ones are:

Passion fruit

If you are looking for an exotic, tropical taste, then passion fruit is the flavor that you are looking for. It has a light and clear coloring, but the taste and smell are powerful. It is one of the best flavors out there, and it is the favorite amongst fruit enthusiasts. 

Chocolate mint

A combination of sweetness and minty flavor, chocolate mint juice is perfect for a smooth, all-day puff. It delivers the essence of an after-dinner mint, plus it produces big clouds of vapor. It is one of the most highly recommended dessert-flavored vape juices. 


Are you looking for something unique? Bourbon flavored e-juice has been a top contender on vape shop shelves ever since it was launched early this year. Its rich, bold flavor of aged bourbon pairs perfectly with your inner cowboy. You can pair a puff and drink a beer while seated next to a campfire; it will give you an authentic outdoor experience. If you purchase an e-juice, you definitely want to know the ingredients and what you are getting. Here are the five basic ingredients:


It has the main role in most vape juice brands. Your vape has a reservoir for vape juice and a heating element to fire it up. The cotton wicking material draws the liquid to the metal heating coil, where it is vaporized with water. 

Vegetable glycerin

Vegetable glycerin or VG is a thick oil that is used as a suspension agent for flavorings and nicotine. It is completely safe, according to the FDA, because it comes from vegetables. 

Propylene glycol

Another common ingredient in vape juice is propylene glycol or PG. It is a thin liquid that carries the flavors better than VG, yet it produces inferior vapor. You can choose if you want VG or PG in your vape juice, it will depend on what type of result you would like to have. 


Nicotine is considered as a stimulant; it is what gives you a buzz when you smoke cigarettes or when you vape. Scientists found a way to extract this ingredient and suspend it in forNICMAXX vaping. With vape, you can choose the amount of nicotine that you want, and you can even opt for nicotine-free vape. 

Vape juice comes in all kinds of flavors. Those tastes come from the same food-grade extracts that you are probably eating every day. These concentrated drops are used to flavor almost every packaged food item that you have eaten. 

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