3 Factors Behind The Popping Sound Of Your Vape

If you are a beginner, the crackling sounds that your vape makes may seem annoying or strange for you. But you do not have to worry about it because vape crackling or popping is normal. However, even those who have vaped for a long time should still mind the changes in the sounds that their vape makes as it could be a cause of some problems. 

So what causes the crackling sound? A light popping sound is a usual and predictable process in vaping. It is because the vape coil heats the juice, and it is vaporizing; this is a pretty great sign that your vape works as it should. When you smoke, the liquid touches the hot coil, and it turns into vapor thus making the crackling noise. How loud the sound is will depend on what type of juice or device you are using, or the strength and intensity of the smoke. 

Here are the factors that affect the popping noise:

The wattage level

When you are vaping with a sub-ohm setup, the first sound that you will hear is a crackle. A vape with an open chimney forces air inside, and it increases the overall effectiveness of the device. More liquid will condense, and less turns into vapor, so the excess liquid is behind the noise.

When the wattage of your vape is too low, the liquid can’t be vaporized effectively. What you need to do is to level it up for heating, or you can take longer and stronger draws. Otherwise, your atomizer will be flooded, and the juice will spill in your mouth while you vape. By increasing your device’s voltage, you can avoid this from happening. You can also change the chimney adjustments to minimize the percentage of liquid needed. 

Different ingredients of the liquid

You can use new flavors for your vape, but you need to remember that a thicker juice equals thicker vapor. A thin juice might cause flooding in the coil and the atomizer spitting and popping. You can use vegetable glycerin with a thicker texture instead of the usual propylene glycol ingredient. Like wood, sugar breaks down when it burns because it also has cellulose. When the gas is vaporized, it can make a crackling sound. Naturally, the juice makes the sound as it gets burned by the device’s coil. 

Coil design

Braided and twisted coils can have more area, it helps to make the vapor, and it can cause extra cracking sounds. These kinds of coils have more nooks and crannies that is why more liquid pops. The popping sounds produced because of how the coil is built can be prevented. Make sure that the coil braids and twists are tight. If your vape has a narrow chimney or drip tip, popping noises are also produced. Some vapor that is condensed gets stuck inside, and it forms droplets that block the overall flow. You can use a more full drip tip, or you can change to an RTC type chimney. 

The three factors above affect the vape craVAPE NICMAXXckling, spitting, and popping. It is related to the connection of the liquid and the coil wire. The extra droplets and condensation vapor can cause noise and other problems. You can still enjoy your vape with the slight popping sound, much like a fireplace. If you feel like it is bothering you, you can check your mod and have it fixed. 

It is important to be aware of the changes in your mod or pen, so you will know if there are any signs of problems. Even though it is rare, instances of exploding mods or pens had happened. Although the battery causes it, the popping sounds can be a sign that something is wrong. If the device’s vaporizer is not making the usual noise that it makes and it is overheating, then you need to stop vaping immediately.

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