What’s the Best Wattage to Vape at?

. Vape is said to be less harmful than tobacco smoking which contains less amount of narcotics than that of a traditional cigarette. Many smokers switched to e-cigarette smoking to avoid acquiring respiratory illnesses, such as emphysema and lung cancer.
If you are planning to quit smoking and turn into vaping, having a starter kit electronic cigarette is a must. An E-cigarette starter kit is great for new vapers. The kit often comes in a complete bundle you need including mod, compatible tank, and atomizer. There is a variety of selection now present in the market that is perfect for beginners to buy an e-cigarette starter kit to go ahead with vaping. NICMAXX “The Maxx” starter kit, classic mild starter kits, classic mild menthol starter kit are a few of the great choices to experience the satisfaction of smoking without burning harmful tobacco.
Vape newbies frequently asked this question; what’s the best wattage to vape on and what is the importance of knowing the value of wattage supply to enjoy the blast of flavourful smoke. If you are new to vape smoking, you are probably fascinated with the controls your mod has. You are still confused about what to adjust and what wattage you should vape to feel the best experience.
The wattage on a box mod is simply the amount of power you send from the battery to the atomizer. This means that higher wattage equals to a higher power and intense hit and results in a more cloudy smoke. To know the best wattage for vaping, there are two things to consider. First is the max rating of the coil head type and second is your personal preference or taste. It is advised to start at a lower setting and adjust your way up until you reach your comfortable spot. Adjusting your wattage is a simple way to improve the flavoring you get from the juice. Different flavorings vaporize also in different settings so you need to experiment with each flavor. One juice may glimmer at 15 W while others may glare at 20 W. Having a variable voltage/variable wattage device favors those flavor seekers
The best advice is to start at lower settings and work your way up until you hit the “sweet spot.” Each e-liquid has its sweet spot, so you’ll need to experiment with each flavor. One juice may shine at 20 W while another comes into its own at 35 W.
But if you figure things out, you’ll notice that your coil is a crucial factor in setting the best wattage to vape at. Temperature control mods limit your coil’s max temperatures thus benefits in flavor-chasing. The same process in finding the best wattage, you must start at low and increase the settings as needed but this one is more flavorful.
You might think that the concept behind vaping is complicated and comprehensive. We are dealing with electronics and obviously, we also have to meddle with ohms law, resistance, wattage, and batteries.
In finding the best wattage for your vape tank there are three rules you must take into consideration.
Whether your device states that it can handle 150 Watts, always start low. Start at 40 W and work your way up to find suitable settings for you.
Higher wattage doesn’t mean a better vaping experience. I’d rather vape at a lower wattage to conserve my juice battery and my coil head.
Most modern Sub Ohm mods won’t require more than 80 Watts even the high powered ones.

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