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21 Sep 2020

How to Use Electronic Cigarette FIN

We all have habits that we cannot seem to drop. It doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad for us. Some habits that we can’t seem to quit. If you are a smoker and have countlessly
29 Jan 2020

How To Charge Your E-Cigarette Safely?

E-cigs have lithium batteries, and like all lithium batteries, they can fail, and this often happens when charging. There have been stories about e-cigarette explosions, which is why learning to charge your e-cig safely is essential.  Although
25 Dec 2019

Is Your E-Cigarette Battery Safe?

Vape batteries are much more powerful than the usual AA batteries that we use. The cells need to be handled carefully. If you own a regulated vape mod that is powered by batteries like the 20700s or
13 Sep 2019

3 Best Measures To Safe E-Cig Batter

E-cigarettes are easy and fun to use, but that does not mean that you can neglect the components of your device, especially its battery. There is a way on how to properly care for them, with reports