How to Avoid Leaking in Your Vape Tank?

When you vape, you inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an e-cigVAPE NICMAXXarette or other related devices. Some people may be new to vaping, while there are those who have vaped for. To vape, you will need a high-quality vaporizer for an enjoyable experience. However, it’s not at all times to enjoy it. Sometimes, the e-cigarette can have a leaky tank and will need your attention. Whether beginner or expert, one can experiment using various tanks. A leaking tank can be avoided only if you have chosen the right vape tank to use. Below are some tips to avoid a leaking tank:years

Select the right vape 

Leaking typically happens when a vaper opts for the wrong type of vaporizer and choose e-cigs liquid. You’ll definitely end up with problems if you use a thin vape juice where the coils are directed to your lungs. The coils of the vape will consume the liquids without changing it to aerosol or vapor. It then leaves with excess liquids and causes leaking or flooding. To solve the problem, you simply need to select a mouth to lung coil for the vape juices. 

Fill your vape tank properly

It may sound practical to fill your vape tank with vape juice. Most vape tanks have the main airflow tube run through the tank’s body down to the drip trip, also called the chimney. Even experienced users can sometimes get the e-liquid down to the chimney and cause leakage or gurgling. If such a situation happens to you, all you need to do is wipe the tank with a dry paper towel, so you can continue vaping. Also, you must not overfill the tank. Leave a small amount of space at the top to vacuum what’s inside and avoid the liquid from spilling out.

Check the airflow

If the airflow is at its lowest setting, try to inhale harder, so you can blow from the vaping device. The amount of air that enters the device is also restricted. It’s fine, as some vapers prefer this style, but you need to be extra careful, as the juice can go directly to the atomizer coil. It will then cause flooding and leaking in the process. If this happens, you need to open the airflow, so you can easily vape and stop the flooding. Also, you need to choose and buy e-cigs liquid that will not make your vape tank overflow. Just choose something that fits your style and adds just enough to the tank. 

Keep the vape tank clean

Just like what you typically do with your other things, you need to keep the vape tank clean. However, many vapers fail to keep their tanks clean, especially between refills which cause accidental leaking. In a span of a few days or weeks, the old juice becomes a residue and will build up and put pressure on the tank’s casing. It should prevent the vape tank from sealing properly. You may observe it a bit later and will find out that the leaking juice is all over your hands. So, if you vape regularly, have the vape tank cleaned with warm water at least twice or thrice a week, and let it dry up naturally. It will also help you savor the flavors of the juice you add to the tank. 

So, these are some tips and tricks to avoid flooding or leaking in your e-cigarette. You will be discovering it, especially if you vape regularly. The first few attempts can be alarming, but once you get used to it, leaking or flooding can be easily handled.

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