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13 Feb 2015

Johns Hopkins Warns Mice About Their Continued e-Vapor use

John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has, for some reason, completed a study and found that when mice used e-Cigarettes “ they produced mild effects on the lungs, including inflammation”. Said Shyam Biswal, PhD about mice using e-Cigarettes
12 Feb 2015

Two Forbes Articles Add Clarity to California’s Confusion

Today, Steve Forbes wrote a column titled ” California Joins Baseless Bashing of E-Cigarettes” which links to another Forbes article titled “New Surgeon General Should Prescribe Scientific Honesty On E-Cigarettes” written by Sally Satel of Forbes in which both provide
11 Feb 2015

FDA, Johns Hopkins and Portland State University Completed Studies on e-Vapor Safety

The e-Vapor industry, which first came to the U.S. in 2007, has made great strides since our introduction in creating and evolving our products efficacy and safety, that millions of smokers have now embraced as their first
10 Feb 2015

e-Vapor/e-Cig Batteries Make News-NICMAXX’s Position

Since 2007 NICMAXX and the e-Vapor market has evolved its differing technologies, i.e. batteries, e-Liquids, coils etc., to meet the consumer markets increasing demand for our industry’s products. Consumers that wish to either transition away from tobacco
9 Feb 2015

Johns Hopkins, Portland State University and Others Prove e-Vapor Vastly Less Harmful

In the years since 2007 when e-Vapor products were first introduced to the U.S. domestic market, there have been many, many studies that when initially disseminated to the public, were spun by media and public health institutions
5 Feb 2015

Media Cites e-Vapor Products as Unsuccessful as a Cessation Product-Our Reply

In an article today in “Ca: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians”  (  ) statements were made and conclusions drawn such as “E-cigarettes have become increasingly popular and there is controversy as to whether they are an
4 Feb 2015

NICMAXX Reply to Journalists Reporting Teen Use of e-Vapor Products

For the last couple of years, news and media entities have grasped onto the notion that teens are increasingly using e-Vapor products to the horror of many. One has to wonder what the point is of any
3 Feb 2015

NICMAXX Replies to Hawaiian Tribune’s Reporting That e-Vapor Products are a Health Threat

Our reply to: We at NICMAXX have been fighting this battle since 2007. Sadly, across the country there are legislative activists that portend to be legislating in the public’s best interests by not
2 Feb 2015

NICMAXX Client Sees the Light

NICMAXX Representative Vince Harper tells me the story today of how over the weekend a two year NICMAXX client went to Bash Osmani’s Orange County Ca. tobacco store on Sunday to purchase more NICMAXX cartridges and found