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11 Mar 2015

TVECA Response to e-Vapor Unit Failure in L.A.

On March 9 a larger e-Vapor tank unit failed in Santa Ana Ca. We were contacted by local news station Fox L.A. to respond. That response is posted here: In the piece I responded that indeed we
9 Mar 2015

Science Links to Send to Those Questioning Our Product Safety

On almost a weekly basis there are dichotomous articles that are written about the e-vapor industry. On one hand, scientific reports and consumer testimonials are produced that verify what we have said for years; that e-Vapor products
4 Mar 2015

The Question of e-Vapor Product Safety is Now Put to Rest

In a study published in the “Journal Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology” ( ) AGAIN confirms what the e-Vapor industry and 45 other scientifically peer reviewed studies have confirmed: that e-Vapor products absolutely, without further debate, vastly less
2 Mar 2015

Even the FDA is Confused About e-Vapor Products

In a recent article ( ) Mitch Zeller, Director of the Center for Tobacco Products for the FDA stated when asked if e-Cigarettes could help tobacco smokers quit, “FDA can’t make regulatory policy on the basis
26 Feb 2015

Answering the Question: Are e-Cigarettes/e-Vapor Products Safe?

This is definitely the most asked about aspect of this market-are your products safe. We will make this definitive by speaking only about NICMAXX products. Yes, NICMAXX products are safe. We can make this definitive statement as
24 Feb 2015

NICMAXX Territory Manager Gale Jackson Explains Her Market

Gale Jackson has been with NICMAXX since the inception of the company-which also means she is one of the first e-Vapor salespersons in this market as NICMAXX is a founding brand of the e-Vapor industry. In that
23 Feb 2015

WebMD Verifies What We Have Always Stated About e-Vapor Products

Since our inception, NICMAXX has stated that we are not claiming that (taking a quote from Dr. Michael Siegel) we are comparing our products to pure mountain spring water but rather we are claiming, scientifically now, that
18 Feb 2015

Shameful Educational Institutions Dis-Informing and Harming Students

There is no justification for this shameful headline: “Schools handing out harsh punishments for e-cigarette use” ( ) . Harsh punishment for having an e-Vapor product?  Do not kids have enough to worry about besides having irresponsible
17 Feb 2015

Media Questions Why We Fought to be Regulated as a Tobacco Product

NICMAXX has been serving the e-Vapor market for over seven years and in that time the product technologies have evolved greatly with now over 6 million Americans having transitioned to e-Vapor from tobacco cigarettes but sadly the
16 Feb 2015

NICMAXX Position on the Taxation of e-Vapor Products

On a daily basis now I am seeing more states looking to tax, at some level, e-Vapor products and increase taxes on tobacco cigarettes. The axiom of “the only two certainties are death and taxes” rings true