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4 Jan 2016

Happy New Year…The Year to Tell Our Clients Storys

2015 was again a very challenging time for an industry that simply is providing for smokers their first viable option to the smoking of tobacco cigarettes-the one product we know kills over 450,000 of our fellow citizens
23 Nov 2015

The CDC FINALLY Gets That e-Vapor Saves Lives

Finally the CDC is on-board with what the e-Vapor industry has been claiming since our inception and that is e-Vapor products are a very viable option to the smoking of tobacco cigarettes. The CDC study ( )
13 Nov 2015

The FDA and the e-Vapor Dilemma. The History of e-Vapor Regulation

Recently there has been a great amount of concern about the issuing of the FDA’s final Deeming Regulations of the Tobacco market. There is great misunderstanding of the history of the e-Vapor industry and how and why
19 Oct 2015

The First-To-Market Brand Failures-Why NICMAXX Is Successful

In the most recent e-Cigarette/e-Vapor market update Wells Fargo reported of Nielsen Scan data the sales figures were, well, staggering. This data is an accrual of consumer purchase volumes of each leading individual electronic cigarette brand in
14 Oct 2015

MAXX Vapor Products Getting Solid Reviews

It has been a month since we have launched MAXX Vapor products and we are getting solid reviews. We have looked for a few years of entering this space but we wanted to wait to see how
6 Oct 2015

Forest Service Making a Huge Mistake

Recently the U.S. Forest issued a rule banning the use of e-Vapor products: National Park Service bans electronic cigarettes from parks Really? Are they also going to ban cameras with batteries? Cell phones? Radios? Hearing aids?
28 Sep 2015

Thoughts on an Article About Smoking and Teens

Headline: State Study Show Youth Cigarette Smoking is Down, But e-Cig Use is Up In a recent article about how youth smoking rates are declining the author mentions that “But the report found a troubling trend, too:
24 Sep 2015

Recent Comments From the FDA About Electronic Cigarettes-Very Promising

Today the FDA announced proposed rules titled ““Clarification of When Products Made or Derived From Tobacco Are Regulated as Drugs, Devices, or Combination Products; Amendments to Regulations Regarding “Intended Uses.” The document is very intriguing and
11 Sep 2015

A Quick Note on e-Cig “Studies”

Almost on a daily basis I receive a Google Alert noting another e-Cig “study”. It is getting to be comical as almost every “study” contains the same conclusion one of which I will quote here from the most
10 Sep 2015

Incorrect Use of Taxation

Chicago is sadly looking to impose a sin-tax on the city’s Vapers. Mayor Emmanuel and sadly “Health” professionals are backing a plan to tax e-Vapor products. Their reasoning? To make the products more expensive to minors. The