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12 Aug 2016

Vaping in the UK: Insights from Dick Puddlecote

The United Kingdom (UK) has one of the largest number of e-cig users around the world. A study by the Action on Smoking and Health released last May estimates that around 2.8 million adults in the UK
25 Jul 2016

The Harbor Vapor Lounge: Relax and Vape in Baltimore

The City of Baltimore in Maryland is a city famous for its ports and history. The city has been one of the major seaports in the Mid-Atlantic since the 1700s and has the most number of buildings
19 Jul 2016

Vape in Luxury: The Breathe Vape Lounge Experience

A vaping lounge is a place where vapers can be themselves and enjoy the pleasures of vaping. It’s where vapers can get all the latest accessories and flavors. It’s a meeting place for vapers and advocates, a
5 Jul 2016

Straight from the Vaper’s Mouth: An Interview with Ron of

Vaping is a topic full of gray areas. Knowledge of this hobby is being cultivated by many small communities that do their best to spread the right information and counter the myths that some people make about
10 Jun 2016

Vaping 101: The Vapers’ Vocabulary

Vaping is an emerging subculture with plenty of room for change. Its origins date to the 1960s, but the devices have continued to evolve—and the people have continued using it—to this day. The first design for a