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26 Oct 2017

Cleaning Vape Tank With Water, the Safe and Sure Way

 If you’ve been vaping for some months now, you must have already gone through different juice flavors. When switching from thick, strong flavors to light sweet ones, you too must have already hated the taste your vape
26 Oct 2017

Cleaning Vape Tank With Alcohol: For Stubborn Stains and Hardened E-Juice Deposits

The vape tank is the powerhouse of any vape or electronic cigarette. It serves both as the heating element and an e-liquid holder that allows your battery to transform from a simple lithium-ion power source into a
26 Oct 2017

Cleaning Ecig Tank: A Guide For Newbies

Using e-cigarettes and vaping is not just a fad or trend that one takes on. It is part of a huge lifestyle change that one has to commit to. Thus, it is important that one understands not
26 Oct 2017

Tips and Tricks in Cleaning Ecig Coils

If you are new to vaping and smoking electronic cigarettes, you might still get a little confused as to the terms coil head, atomizer, wick or burner. It is quite normal to think that they are different
26 Oct 2017

Cleaning Atomizer the Proper Way

For newbies and first-time users, buying an e-cigarette can get a little intimidating. Aside from having to decide what type of e-cigarette or vape to buy, the various parts and what seem like foreign terms such as
3 Oct 2017

Can I Quit Smoking: Tips, Reminders and Useful Hacks

It’s not a secret that smoking is bad. The box is in fact designed with numerous and almost cliché sounding warnings. And if you say smoking causes a magnitude of health problems, no one would fight you.
3 Oct 2017

Why Quit: 6 Known Bad Effects of Smoking Explained

Ever wondered if there are positive effects to smoking cigarettes? Right, there is none. But look for bad effects, and you sure won’t run out. Time and again people have been encouraged by governments, advocates, and organizations
3 Oct 2017

4 Most Effective and Popular Aids To Stop Smoking

People who have successfully quit smoking claim to have done so through sheer will and determination. They claim that if you aren’t ready to commit to kicking the habit, no aid or substitute will work. Further, they
3 Oct 2017

Quitter’s Timeline: One Year After You Quit Smoking

Thousands of smokers have tried to quit and failed. But at the same time, thousands have tried and succeeded. Others fail because it could get really difficult at the beginning while others succeed because they held onto
25 Aug 2017

Effects of Nicotine from Vaping – Is It Hazardous to Health?

The use of vaporizers has been very popular for the past few years. Many smokers have ditched their traditional tobacco products and replaced it with e-cigs. Vapers claim that it’s a healthy alternative to smoking. But is