The Concrete Guide To Quit Smoking

Quitting a bad habit will never be an instant job, especially if that habit brings nothing but sheer bliss. Cigarette smokers attempting to quit at once with their dependence and addiction to nicotine may experience withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, headache, anxiety, and struggle to focus. Yes, it isn’t easy, but little gradual improvements should be a good start. Tobacco dependents may seek help from medical experts, join group or individual counseling, therapies, and many self-improvement programs. They may also undergo some medications for quitting such as over-the-counter nicotine substitute products and the like. A smarter way, however, would be to trick themselves a little and try some transition tools that will surely help them quit smoking while still feeling the satisfaction of tobacco smoking.

What are e-cigs ?

Tobacco users now buy e-cigarette starter kit due to its better effect. E CIG - NICMAXX (e-cigs) and vapes are electronic devices developed mainly to replace traditional cigarette smoking. They come in different types, which include cigalikes, vape pens, vape pods, and box mods. They also have different specifications and capabilities as electronic smoking devices depending on personal preferences and vaping needs of any user. Switching to e-cigs from cigarette smoking has never been this easy with the use of cigalikes, which almost looks like a traditional cigarette; lightweight and easy-to-use.

Cigalikes are perfect transitioning e-cigs for smokers who prefer convenience above everything else. If you prefer a richer taste and advanced vaping experience, then level up to vape pens, pods, and box mods. Their batteries are definitely more powerful than cigalikes. They contain cost-efficient tanks and atomizers and provide more vaping volume. Box mods are your ultimate choice if you prefer customized and lavish electronic smoking. Although expensive, box mods outperform the other e-cigs and vapes due to its highly customizing specification that gives personalized experience depending on the user’s preferred voltage and coil’s temperature.

NICMAXX starter kits

If you want to buy vapes or e-cigs as a way to quit smoking, make sure to add an e-cigarette starter kit to your cart. Starter kits provide the complete set for a no-hassle vaping experience. NICMAXX starter kits have positive reviews online. Their less expensive kits that include rechargeable electronic cigarette unit, e-cig USB charger, and flavored cartridges are the number one choice of vaping newbies who find e-cig as the solution to quit smoking. NICMAXX claims that their flavors, spice, and glycols for vapor production imitates traditional smoking experience with an added flavor and texture.

What vaping can do to quit smoking?

Research studies have shown that electronic cigarettes are 95% safer than tobacco smoking. Introducing nicotine vapor to your body without the smoke is less dangerous. According to surveys, e-cigs and vapes switchers also observed more positive well-being and claimed that they experienced improved breathing, reduced coughing, and sore throat, better stamina and a sense of taste and smell, as well as reduced tolerance and dependence to nicotine. Meaning, switching to e-cigs is definitely a smart choice.

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