The Best Nicmaxx Rechargeable Kit That Will Satisfy Your Senses than Traditional Cigarettes

If you are looking for a premium quality electronic cigarette brand that will give you a greater sensation than the traditional cigarettes, then Nicmaxx got you covered. One of the brand’s main components in creating their products is the view of e-cigarette users and even smokers on what they think would be the best experience for them when using the device.

 Aside from the e-cigarette device itself, Nicmaxx offers other merchandise including cartridge refills, vapor juices of different flavors, starter kits, disposable cigarettes, single tasters, accessories (batteries, USB charger, car charger, carrying case) as well as t-shirt apparels not only for men and women but for your pet dog as well.

 There are only five main ingredients that make up the liquid solution of Nicmaxx e-cigarettes. These are the nicotine (reduced level), glycerol (a non-toxic compound mostly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries as sweetener and moisture-preserving agent respectively), vegetable and propylene glycol (an additive that has the ability to create artificial smoke), flavoring agents, and water. Compared to tobacco cigarettes that is made of about 7,000 harmful ingredients (70 of which are proven to be cancer-causing agents), using e-cigarettes is the best alternative for you to reduce the nicotine intake in your body.

 Nicmaxx greatly understands that not everyone is ready to switch from their traditional approach on smoking into something that will bring the different sensation to them because a long time, they have been used to the taste of cigarettes. That is why the company developed a kit for individuals who are not yet fully committed to transitioning to e-cigarettes.

 With the variety of products the brand is offering to their consumerVAPE NICMAXXs, you may ask what could be the perfect e-cigarette starter kit for you. The brand’s answer to that is the Nicmaxx The Maxx flavored rechargeable e-cigarette.

 The said product line is considered to be among the crowd’s top choice when it comes to Nicmaxx starter kits because of its almost similar taste to tobacco-based cigarettes available in the market. In fact, some users cannot tell the difference between the e-cigarette and the traditional one because they have the same sensation. The only difference according to them is that using The Maxx is a much safer take because it is less harmful to the body. Moreover, it also leaves no trace of odor after you use the product so you are safe to go to an important event or meeting without worrying that you may disturb others just because you smell like cigarette.

 There are other users who also claimed that their nicotine addiction has been cut down because of the satisfaction that they get from The Max. It did not only enable them to control their vice but they also saved a large amount of money from buying cigarettes that are getting more and more expensive as time goes by.

 Included inside the Nicmaxx The Maxx flavored rechargeable e-cigarette package are the following:

-2 cartridges (take note that 1 cartridge is equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes)

-1 USB charger

-1 Battery

 Other offerings from the brand:

-12 months warranty

-Lifetime warranty (for batteries)

-You can get your money back within 30 days if the device did not meet your expectation (terms and conditions applied)

 You can buy an e-cigarette starter kit from Nicmaxx through their online site ( Once you have decided to switch from traditional smoking to using e-cigarettes, you can download the user-friendly Nicmaxx application through Google Play (for Android users) and App Store (for Apple users) so it won’t be hard to you to further explore other products from the brand that are waiting for you to try.


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