Here Are Two Ways to Properly Refill E-liquid To Your Vape Tank

When you buy e-cig cartridges, refill is a big part of it and can save you more money in doing so. You don’t just want to purchase e-cigarette replacement cartridges that cost more than re-using your existing one. However, refilling your vape tank could be tricky because most of the e-cigarettes are not really meant for reuse. Of course, it doesn’t mean that it is completely impossible. You just need to learn a couple of methods on how e-cig cartridges refill should be performed.

Drip Method

You read it right–you would need a dripper for this method. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open up your cartridge and remove the polyester filling inside of it.
  2. Use your dropper to get a few drops of your e-liquid into the cartridge.
  3. Carefully place the filling back or replace it with a new one.
  4. Wait for the e-liquid to be absorbed by the filling.
  5. Add a few more drops. Make sure that it is only to ensure saturation and not to fill the top of the cartridge.
  6. You might have to repeat steps 4 and 5 to be totally sure that your cartridges refill is successful in terms of the e-liquid being well saturated.
  7. Once you have got that managed, just close the cartridge.

The method requires some time so it requires some patience. Steps 4 and 5 are time-consuming. Still, they have to be done. No cartridges refill would be successful without those steps properly observed and performed.

Injection Method

The injection method cartridges refill requires you to get a little medical with it because you will be using a syringe here. Using a syringe makes it easier to extract the e-liquid into the cartridge. It also avoids getting the e-liquid spill all over the cartridge or your table.

There are syringes available in vape shops even though most still buy e-cig cartridges refill replacements instead. Now, if you really want to save your precious money by not buying e-cigarette replacement cartridges, here’s how to do the injection method:

  1. Remove the white rubber cap off at the end of the cartridge using a tweezer or a small screwdriver.
  2. Use your syringe to get e-liquid from your bottle.
  3. Insert the syringe needle into the middle of the e-cig cartridge filler until you are almost at the bottom of the cartridge.
  4. Take note that for two-piece cartomizer, you should aim the syringe needle into the mesh inside the cartoInject Method - NICMAXXmizer tube. That is to avoid damaging your atomizer.
  5. Replace the e-cig cartridge rubber cap.
  6. Once the cartridge is properly filled, cap it and install it back on your e-cigarette.
  7. Your syringe might have some leftover e-liquid in it, so inject it back into your bottle to save it. It might look little but you could still use that amount the next time.
  8. Do not forget to thoroughly clean your syringe. You don’t want to have a dried up residue of your e-liquid in it for when you will use it for another refill.

E-cigarette replacement cartridges are indeed less work than the mentioned refill methods. However, spending on it regularly (depending on use, of course) is also not ideal and costs more money.

Also, you may be in a situation wherein you are just too far from the vape shop to buy cig cartridges refill replacements. Another case could be that you might be just too lazy to get all dressed up to head to the vape shop near you.

That is when a do-it-yourself cartridges refill method could come in handy. Most homes have syringes or drippers ready. If you don’t, you could just buy one and use it for as long as you want and never have to leave home again unless it is your vape juice you’re running out of.

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