Tiring, Boring, Dull….Another Hit Piece by a Faux-Journlist

Millions of Americans who are now and will greatly benefit by transitioning to e-Vapor products are being fed tired, boring, dull, unscientific hit pieces on our industry by entities that profess to be “journalists” and presenting “news” to their readers that are nothing more than cut and paste exercises with no corresponding research done to support their content but rather further their biases. Today’s example (as I can pick one a day lately)comes from that bastion of scientific review- Immortal News. This enterprise proudly professes about themselves “We exist to provide you with accurately reported trending news coverage across a variety of topics. Through our efforts to locate trending news, manually aggregate it from various sources, and rewrite it in a fashion exhibiting the differences in reporting while expanding upon the coverage by combining multiple reports, we strive to streamline the process of keeping news readers up to date with what’s hot in the day’s news.”-Really??

They boldly use the term “news” three times to describe their enterprise and actually had the temerity to state they exist to “accurately report”.  If this is truly their mission lets review their piece on e-Vapor products titled “E-Cigs May Prove To Be Just As Damaging As Tobacco” http://www.immortal.org/9272/e-cigs-may-prove-just-damaging-tobacco/ ). First, is it news when you state in your headline that assumes completed science is only a “may prove” possibility? And secondly they state in the title “damaging as tobacco”. Is tobacco on its own damaging? No. Is tobacco when configured as the tobacco plant’s leaf and stem wrapped in paper and lit on fire producing hazardous smoke comprised of over 6,000 constituents, 66 of which are carcinogenic, hazardous? Yes. Are e-Vapor products that use nicotine derived from the tobacco plants leaf and stem hazardous? No. That No is the result of now over 45 completed scientific studies-including the FDA’s own study of e-Cig products. In all these completed scientific studies there has NEVER been found any constituent at any level harmful to humans-that is actual scientific fact.

Just a few lines from this hit piece purporting to alert to actual dangers not supported by actual science:

1) “Recent studies have shown that they contain chemicals that can be just as harmful to health as traditional cigarettes.” Really? Their reported science came to that conslusion? This is a sentence where the author attempts to use “can” as insulating her from an absolute but is intended to make an absolute statement that e-Vapor products are indeed as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. What is their science to support that sentence? Maybe here: “some of the chemicals used to flavor the liquid nicotine used with e-cigarettes could alter cellular functions in lung tissue”  No as scientific conclusions are not based on “could”. How about this: “according to the study’s findings, the chemicals could prove toxic in high doses” No again and if you had ACTUAL preliminary study results and you were in a lab doing a study on the POSSIBLE toxicity of e-Vapor products why do you release that as news rather than not study further to determine FOR FACT if those e-Vapor products you have in your lab are ACTUALLY toxic as 6 million Americans now use e-Vapor products and that could or can be, very important, ground breaking research!

And finally the article states, “due to “increasing popularity of flavored e-cigarettes” it’s crucial that we explore “the potential health risks of these ingredients, and the causes.

If I can rewrite the latter into what the author Katrina Brandall and the whole staff at Immortal actually meant to state in their cut and paste faux-journalism piece was “We find e-Vapor products offensive. We find the people that use e-Vapor products offensive. We find the e-Vapor industry offensive. Dear Reader, we sadly have found there is no ACTUAL completed science available to show any harm being done by these products we personally loathe thusly we will title an article and sensationalize an unproven supposition to scare smokers and those that vape away from a product we find offensive. It is our duty as kinda journalists seeking a relevancy.

Sadly, we see this type cut and paste hit piece daily now and it is truly boring.



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