NICMAXX and Dual Use

As one of the first e-Vapor products brought to the U.S in 2007, we have focused our attention on creating a product that smokers can fully transition to as we thought by the products very name, “electronic cigarette” it made a promise to a smoker that “Hey! we are your beloved tobacco cigarette brand-only electronic and VASTLY less harmful!“.  It took years to figure out how to actually do this as the technology was nascent, as all new technologies are in their beginnings, and quickly evolving. God bless the brands that raced to market to in 2008/09/10 to capture market share but unfortunately for them they went to market with product technologies that were not ready for prime time. We are fortunate as a company that we have evolved slowly and our brand, NICMAXX, reflects now years of R&D to deliver to the Marlboro/Camel full flavored smoker an e-Vapor product that they can fully, comfortably and completely switch to away from their tobacco cigarette we know are so harmful.

In an article today titled “10% of US Adults are Now ‘Vaping’ ” ( ) the author states “Significantly more Americans are using electronic-cigarettes and other vaporizing devices than a year ago, but most of those consumers are also smoking conventional cigarettes, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll.”  The author in this case actually writes a very balanced and fair article about e-Vapor products. What is intimated though is e-Vapor products are designed as a cessation or stop smoking device-and that is and has never been our claim. As in NICMAXX’ case, we are simply your beloved tobacco cigarette brand providing a very, very similar taste, throat and lung hit and full/complete nicotine satisfaction in a VASTLY less harmful electronic form. Former Marlboro and Camel clients tell us from their first hit of a NICMAXX product they fully transitioned to our brand. This is so gratifying to hear as we have worked so hard for so long to create this experience as it sincerely took years and allot of patience with our factory and other partnered distributors in pushing forward the technology to get to this point.

So Vape-on America! We have truly come along way since 2007 and we are very excited about our and our industry’s future.


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