Incorrect Use of Taxation

Chicago is sadly looking to impose a sin-tax on the city’s Vapers. Mayor Emmanuel and sadly “Health” professionals are backing a plan to tax e-Vapor products. Their reasoning? To make the products more expensive to minors. The shallowness of this is not lost on us who have seen vast numbers of our clients telling us their very heartwarming stories of how they have FINALLY quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and transitioned to e-Vapor products. The societal costs of people to continue smoking tobacco products is not at all debatable. It is estimated in the U.S. alone the societal costs of treating those who smoke is approximately $133 Billion annually (

e-Vapor products, now in our eighth year on the domestic market, are the first viable option to smokers. In one published study 90 out of 100 smokers failed to quit with placebo, 83% failed with nicotine gum, 81% with the patch, 79% with bupropion, and 74% failed with varenicline. ( ). When a smoker embraces a particular e-Vapor product they are no longer smoking, or setting afire tobacco to garner their desired nicotine but rather inhaling a now scientifically proven to be VASTLY less harmful water vapor. Given this scientific fact does not a reasonable person conclude that by taking out over 99.9% of all tobacco smoke related chemicals and carcinogens and inhaling a simple vapor comprised of only five household ingredients, all of which have been approved by the EPA and FDA for inhalation use, that a former smoker and now Vaper will be vastly better off in the short and long run?

Of course it does unless you are a politician whose daily routine is to conger up new and novel ways to generate tax revenues. Sadly this tax is on the backs and lungs of the one person who needs relief the most, the tobacco smoker, and by redistributing via a sin tax those monies to a governmental body is not at all helping the societal costs of smoking tobacco products by artificially increasing e-Vapor products costs.

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