Former WHO Doctor Who Headed Framework Convention on Tobacco Control-e Cigs Safer

Ever since we came to market in 2007 people who simply do a cursory review of the technology of the electronic cigarette would admit that this product that simply combines five household ingredients, all of which have been on the domestic market for generations and all of which have been approved by the FDA/EPA for human consumption are VASTLY less harmful than its predicate product, the tobacco cigarette. But in 2015 we still are enduring shameful attacks not by citizens actually harmed by e-Vapor products, as there are none, but rather by governmental bodies like the CDC and State of California’s Department of Health.

But if one does look hard enough, as major media also shamelessly would never admit that e-Vapor products are vastly less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, you will actually find those doctors and other health advocates stating the obvious-that e-vapor products have great societal value.

For example yesterday in Business Day there was an article titled “Electronic Cigarettes Safer Than Tobacco, says Vitality Institute” that references remarks made by┬áVITALITY Institute head Derek Yach. Now Derek Yack is not without pedigree. He┬ápreviously worked for the WHO and helped develop its Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and urged “doctors to promote electronic (e)-cigarettes to their smoking patients, saying they offered a safer alternative to traditional tobacco products. Tobacco products kill six million people a year, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO)” and “I think we are at the stage where we have sufficient evidence to be comfortable that (for) a smoker who wants to quit or reduce their exposure to tobacco products… using an e-cigarette is a good choice,” he said at a media lunch sponsored by the Electronic-cigarette Association of SA (EASA).”

We thank Doctor Yack for his comments in support of our industry and do hope that other doctors and those in public health positions will also understand and state the obvious-that e-Vapor products have great social utility and are providing to a smoker the first viable option to the smoking of tobacco cigarettes.


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