Is Your E-Cigarette Battery Safe?

Vape batteries are much more powerful than the usual AA batteries that we use. The cells need to be handled carefully. If you own a regulated vape mod that is powered by batteries like the 20700s or 18650s, then it is best to look at some tips on how to handle them.

Below are basics of battery safety, but keep in mind that this is not a mechanical mod safety guide. Here are some tips on how to handle your battery better:

Keep wraps intact

Always make sure that the wraps of the batteries are in good condition. If you see a nick on the battery wrap, the best thing to do is to re-wrap it. The battery wrap is cheap, and it is easy to put on. If you do not have wraps, you can visit your local vape shop. Most vape shops will wrap the batteries for free, and it won’t take more than a couple of minutes to finish. 

Use the right kind of battery.

Some batteries are better for low wattage vaping, while others are better for sub-ohming, and others are not supposed to be used for vaping at all. When choosing batteries for your e-cig, make sure that they come in the appropriate specs. Do not just read the numbers on the wraps, because they can be misleading. 


Use battery cases

Never throw batteries in your bag or pocket when you are not using it. Get a plastic battery case instead, as the unprotected battery may short circuit when they come in contact with metal objects. This may cause your battery to vent and to explode. 

Do not buy counterfeits.

Counterfeit batteries are a thing, even though it is dangerous, there are those who sell them. The most commonly counterfeited brands are Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic, and it is because they have a higher price tag. Always purchase batteries from reputable vendors, as they are willing to go out of their way to make sure that the batteries are all original. 

Do not leave the batteries charging unattended.

Even when you are using a charger, having your batteries charging unattended is not a good idea, especially overnight. Even though it rarely happens, battery chargers are electronic devices and failures can happen. Always keep an eye on your batteries and place them in battery cases when you are not around. 

Use a dedicated charger.

Charging your battery directly in your mod is possible with most devices, but it is always safer to use a dedicated battery charger instead. A simple charger can cost less than a 60 ml bottle of e-liquid. Spending a bit more will add new features like battery data and health monitoring. 

Do not drain your batteries.

If possible, do not completely drain your batteries. Lithium-ion batteries tend to lose more capacity the more you let them discharge. Most mods will come with some form of battery level indication. Taking the batteries out to charge before the batteries are completely drained will prolong their life. 

Avoid extreme temperatures 

Vape batteries can tolerate low and high temperatures, but you won’t want to test their limits. Higher temperatures will strain the battery, making them vent and age faster, while colder temperatures can take a toll on battery capacity. Make sure that you store them in a cool place away from sunlight and to never leave the battery stored in places like boxes or glove compartments where the temperature may even exceed the safety range. 

If you live in a place where the temperature usually gets extreme, you can carry your vape device and battery in a small insulated cooler. Vaping is fun, but it is still a device that needs to be taken care of. Follow these tips to avoid any accidents.

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