Dual Use A Good Thing

There is a new controversy for those that just cannot cope with e-Vapor products success in transitioning tobacco smokers to our vastly less harmful e-Vapor products and that is now that “dual use” of e-Vapor products and tobacco cigarettes are a bad thing. Really?

Here is the headline:  U.S. ad campaign points to dangers of dual cigarette/e-cig use     ( http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/03/26/us-usa-health-ecigarettes-idUSKBN0MM2BW20150326 )

Here is the scare: “If you only cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke by adding another tobacco product, like e-cigarettes, you still face serious health risks”


From the same article:  “Most experts agree that e-cigarettes are likely safer than traditional cigarettes, but early data suggests many e-cigarette users are also continuing to smoke cigarettes.”

So if most experts agree that e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco products why the heck not YELL AND SCREAM THAT-Really. Did the author not realize that when writing those words that “wow really? experts say that e-cigs are safer but I am writing an article scaring Americans that e-cigs are dangerous?”

We have designed NICMAXX products for the full flavored smoker who is partial to Marlboro and Camel tobacco cigarettes as when your product is named an “electronic cigarette” you best tailor your flavor profile and nicotine satisfaction to closely replicate a particular tobacco cigarette brand. This is something that we learned years ago and have a very loyal following of smokers. Our clients are also those Vapers that enjoy the full variety of e-Liquids that this amazing market has now created but still enjoy the dual use of those flavors along with traditional tobacco and menthol flavors.

Dual use is a lovely thing.

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