Doctors are Beginning to Embrace e-Vapor-Enough About Further Study

In a recent article about e-Vapor products titled “Heart Surgeon Convinced of e-Cigarette Benefits” renowned heart surgeon Dr. Gopal Bhantnagar stated “We’re taking people off combustible tobacco and putting them onto an alternative, which may or may not contain nicotine. The demonstrated benefits immediately are improved lung function … in terms of how much air they can move back and forth,” ).

But as positive as that statement is, the author of the piece, Jeremy Appel, just could not help but to reach out and parrot the silliness of health institutes, in this case the Canadian Health Institute, that just can’t comprehend that e-Vapor products simply contain 5 household ingredients that have been in the U.S. and Canadian food supplies for generations and as such ALL tests are available. Canadian Health claims “We should take a precautionary approach to it. We need to study it a bit more.”

A cautionary approach? We have been on the market for now 8 YEARS. What do you need to study?? Take for example any 1,000 folks that used to smoke tobacco cigarettes and transitioned to e-Vapor products. Go to their doctors and get their lung X-Rays from 4 years ago and compare to today. Guarantee you will see remarkable improvement. There-study done. e-Vapor products are an amazing advancement in public health that should be celebrated not now questioning our viability. We are not curing cancer here-well maybe……

If for example, you go into your kitchen and you mix say; flour, jello, cinnamon, caffeinated coffee and water all together and ingest it, does that require testing to say it is safe for human consumption? Of course not. So our combination of Propylene Glycol and or Vegetable Glycerin, Glycerol, Water, Food Flavoring and varying levels of Nicotine should also not require “further testing” as ALL tests are available NOW. There has NEVER been any study of e-Vapor products that have shown they contain any constituent at any level harmful to humans-NEVER.

Please journalists-do your complete research when writing about this technological advancement, e-Vapor products, that are helping millions and millions of Americans to transition away from tobacco cigarettes. Please. Here is my number-949-648-2525.

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