Another Monday, Another Study Proves e-Vapor Products Are Safe

Dull it is to read a Google alert that claims a “health advocate” states that “we just don’t know what are in these e-Vapor products. We need more study.” The first question I would pose to that person is when they state “we need”, who is the “we” that needs these additional studies as it certainly isn’t the e-Vapor industry. It certainly isn’t the 6+ million Americans using e-Vapor products as WE all have seen all the completed studies that scientifically prove that e-Vapor products are absolutely safe and incredibly, amazingly, undeniably, emphatically, demonstrably less harmful than smoking tobacco. It certainly isn’t the doctors who have seen all the completed study of e-Vapor that leads them to recommend our products to their patients. We ALL have personally witnesses tens of thousands of our clients whose lives have been bettered by using our products and heard their physicians making the claim that e-Vapor has been very beneficial in their clients health.  If you are a journalist reading this, please write us-we will provide you the names of our clients and their doctors that will substantiate the prior.

Here is yet another study proving e-Vapor products are safe and again, vastly less harmful than tobacco cigarettes:

Title ” Development of an in vitro cytotoxicity model for aerosol exposure using 3D reconstructed human airway tissue; application for assessment of e-cigarette aerosol”

Abstract: “Development of physiologically relevant test methods to analyse potential irritant effects to the respiratory tract caused by e-cigarette .”

Conclusion: “Under the study conditions cigarette smoke demonstrated a dose-dependent response that resulted in near-complete cell death after a 6 h exposure period. In contrast, e-cigarette aerosol showed no decrease in tissue viability following a 6 h exposure, despite appropriate positive control responses. Furthermore, cytotoxicity appears to be unaffected by different e-cigarette formulations as tested in this study.”


So please journalists, do your research when you are interviewing any source when they state our products need more study as there is a dearth of study available.

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