A Sadly Rare, Honest Opinion of e-Vapor Products by Academia

The e-Vapor industry goes through “quiet” cycles of months at a time when there is very little for the media to report on-and that in itself should be reported on as if we were indeed at any level harmful, there would be a constancy of items that would make headlines. All we have ever claimed is that e-Vapor products are a scientifically proven/verified vastly less harmful product that are safe to use for smokers to transition to. Rare is this fact echoed by a person in standing who represents the field of community health. Lynn Kozlowski, Professor of Community Health and Health Behavior at the University at Buffalo stated in an article titled Increase in e-cigarette use, coupled with decrease in smoking, is encouraging, UB expert says”  ( http://www.buffalo.edu/news/releases/2015/04/046.html )

Professor Kozlowski states, “What the research shows is that the young people using e-cigarettes now are people who are also at greater risk of doing other things we’d like them not to do – like drinking alcohol, using a hookah, smoking marijuana, and smoking cigarettes,” he said. “So if these higher risk youth are showing a preference for e-cigarettes over cigarettes that could be very good for the prevention of cigarette smoking.”

Given the deadliness of cigarettes, he said, it is important to be on the lookout for products that are a lot less hazardous and e-cigarettes are one of those products.

“There is evidence that e-cigarettes in general are dramatically less dangerous to health than cigarettes and no doubt that cigarettes are a major cause of premature death and disability.”

Kudos to the professor for cutting through all the disinformation currently being disseminated by media and governmental agencies.

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