A Quick Note on e-Cig “Studies”

Almost on a daily basis I receive a Google Alert noting another e-Cig “study”. It is getting to be comical as almost every “study” contains the same conclusion one of which I will quote here from the most recent received: “Science and the evolving electronic cigarette” http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0091743515002224 )

Conclusion: Much of this work used earlier device models that delivered very little nicotine to the user, and additional research needs to be conducted”

Umm, you are in a lab with e-Cigs and study equipment. You completed your e-Cig study and found nothing of note to report. What further studying is required? e-Vapor products only contain five household ingredients all of which have been in the domestic food supply for generations and all approved by the FDA/EPA for human inhalation use. They have been studied and studied and studied and approved and approved and again approved.

It seems that those whose profession it is to study things to find hazards has the consistent inability to make public the conclusion of finding no health issue or the lack of finding any hazardous constituent at any level harmful to humans with e-Vapor products when their study is concluded. If you Google “electronic cigarette further research is needed you will find thousands of listings.

At what point is the conclusion actually that these professional studiers are in need of money and e-Vapor products are their low hanging fruit to bring in their needed daily dose of money.


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