The 5 Best Selling E-Cigarette Accessories that would be Perfect Partners for Your Device


According to research, the electronic cigarette industry will continue to rise with the compound annual growth rate of 22% by 2022 ($19.35 billion). The countries that will contribute to this growth include Russia, the Philippines, Taiwan, South Africa, India, China, Brazil, Indonesia, and Thailand due to speedy urbanization that is taking place and other improvements that are taking place in their respective regions.

 Because of the said development, it is predicted that more companies will rise and explore this industry to manufacture products that will satisfy the need of the market to attract as many consumers who now prefers to use this type of device that is known to be the best alternative to traditional smoking due to its features that are less harmful compared to cigarettes that are compacted with substances that could lead to critical illness and even death not only to direct users but to the people surrounding them as well because of second-hand smoke.

 As e-cigarettes become more popular to different age groups particularly the teenagers, these devices have been linked with different accessories to intensify the user experience. However, with more than 500 companies that offer thousands of these products in the market, it will be hard for buyers especially the newbies to choose the perfect accessories for their e-cigarette.

 To help you choose, here are the 5 best-selling e-cigarette accessories that are the perfect partners to your device:

  1. E-Cig Cartridges Refill

 These cartridges refill (also known as e-cigarette replacement cartridges) are handy add-ons that you need once your e-cigarette device runs out of liquid solution that is made of nicotine (reduced level compared to cigarettes), glycerol, glycol (vegetable and propylene), flavoring agents and water. They come out with different flavors usually in mild, menthol, and other playful essences that are on trend in the markets today.

 You can buy e-cig cartridges refill from your favorite e-cigarette shops or through online stores.

 Note: Although some contain nicotine, there are also brands who offer nicotine-free cartridges refill. This is perfect for people who want to get rid of the substance in their bodies for good.

 E-Cigarette Carrying Cases

 Store your e-cigarette in a sophisticated carrying case after using it. It will not only protect your device but it will make it look presentable as well!

 The cases are usually custom-made for certain e-cigarette package type where it has the perfect space for the device, battery, and extra cartridges. 

  1. Accessory Bag

 Accessory bags for e-cigarettes are usually bigger that carrying cases for they can store more room for other essentials such as vape juices, chargers, and tools. It has also the capacity to keep more than two e-cigarette devices. 

  1. Car chargers

You no longer have to worry that your device will run out of power. With car chargers, you will be confident that your device is always available to use even on the road or when you need to spend some time outdoors. 

  1. Band Rings


If you think band rings are only made to express yourself through your chosen designs or make your e-cigarette more presentable, then you are wrong. The rubber that these bands are made of can also protect the surface of your e-cigarette or vape so it is like hitting two birds with one stone!

 Along with the popularity, the e-cigarettes are the interests of different companies to develop products that would not only give its clients the best vaping experience but would also complement this practice as well.

 And while there are many available accessories that seemed to be the perfect partner for your device, it would be important if you choose the ones that will serve its purpose very well.

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