2 Best Nicmaxx Flavors That Will Raise the Level of Smoking Experience

Overwhelming varieties of electronic cigarettes being sold in the market can give a hard time to first-time users when deciding which brand and type of device they should purchase to give them the ultimate vaping experience that is almost similar to the sensation that they get when smoking cigarettes. The worst thing that could happen in this kind of situation that they would end up buying substandard products that would instead ruin their intention and waste their money.

If you are one of these newbies, you have to take note that there are e-cigarettes that contain a certain percentage of nicotine while there are also units that do not have this substance. Whether your intention in using these devices is merely for leisure, to cut down your nicotine intake or pledge on quitting smoking for good, this basic knowledge is a good start to guide you in your acquisition.

Another thing that you should know is that e-cigarettes come in different forms and sizes. There are devices that are as big as actual cigarettes (vape mods) while others are bulky that it would leave no space in your hand in a single grip (advanced vapes). Between the two, vape mods are recommended for new e-cigarette users.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why you chose to switch to e-cigarette is the fact that allows you to explore different sensational flavors from the e-liquid of your choice. In order to do this, you have to buy e-liquids from your trusted shops

Nicmaxx is your one-stop online store known for its high-quality products that are results of comprehensive research, numerous surveys, and meticulous design plans.  Aside from offering premium quality e-cigarette, the company is also known for selling the finest e-liquids.

Below are the 2 best-selling Nicmaxx flavors newbies like you should know:Best Selling - NICMAXX

  1. Nicmaxx The Maxx Flavored Five Pack E-Cig Cartridges

The Maxx flavor has retained its five-star rating from the consumers because of its rich and crisp flavor that is very similar to real cigarettes. Because of the satisfaction that they get, these products are described as “the best tasting e-cigarette” and “closest to the traditional cigarettes without additives”.

  1. Nicmaxx Menthol Maxx Flavored Five Pack E-Cig Cartridges

Menthol flavor cigarettes are popular among smokers. That is why Nicmaxx also created their own version of this flavor in their e-cigarettes that would perfectly suit in the taste of their consumers.

The said effort received positive responses as Menthol Maxx was greatly loved and patronized by the consumers. In fact, one of them wrote in the product review that the flavor is extremely satisfying and much better compared to traditional cigarettes that leave certain kind of odor after use. Another added that its minty flavor is effective that they will continue purchasing it.

Benefits of Nicmaxx The Maxx and Menthol Maxx flavor packages:

-both include five cartridges each that are equivalent to 10 cigarette packs

-they do not leave trails of smoke and odors

-less expensive and lasts much longer than cigarettes

-guarantees consumers money back in 30 days once they are not satisfied (terms and conditions applied)

– 1-year warranty each

Before you hit the “add to cart” and “purchase” button online or giving a nod to the seller at your local e-cigarette shop that you will get their product, make sure that you are already equipped with enough knowledge on how these devices work if you don’t want to waste your time and money buying a poor quality e-cigarette.

There are times where you will be tempted with the numbers of enticing products being offered everywhere but at the end of the day, you have to choose the perfect brand like Nicmaxx that have the finest e-cigarette devices along with its reliable accessories that will surely take you to a whole new level of smoking.





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