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28 Mar 2019

The E-Cigarette Liquid Ideal For You

APART FROM the e-cigarette, the most important element in vaping is the e-cigs liquid. The sensation, flavor and vapor production all depends on this addicting substance users inhale during vaping sessions. With the huge selection of e-cigs
21 Mar 2019

Can You Bring Vape, E-Liquid On-Board Plane?

Are you planning on travelling anytime soon? Whether it’s for work or a vacation, it is important to keep in mind some guidelines in the use of vapes while on travel. Much like that of tobacco cigarettes,
12 Mar 2019

Vape Flavors Ideal for the Sweet-Toothed Vaper

TO ALL vapers out there, one of the best things about vaping is the flavor. If you like sweets, then you have probably tried the classic flavors of e-cig vapor liquid like the cherry flavored juice from
5 Mar 2019

The Best E-Cigarette Liquid for Beginners

Looking for help on your first e-liquid refill? Or maybe you just need to get some ideas as you switch from pre-filled cartridges to refilling your own for the very first time. Whatever your reasons are, if