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31 Dec 2018

A Great Destination for the Airplane Watching Enthusiasts

IF YOU FANCY traveling somewhere to go airplane-watching at a secluded place inhabited with very few locals, a destination where you can also relax and take off your mind from all the stress at work, away from
28 Dec 2018

The Most Expensive Vape Juice

IF YOU HAD 500 dollars, how would you spend it? With this amount of money, you can either buy a brand new iPhone, spend the night in a nice hotel, perhaps, in Hongkong, or enjoy a lovely
26 Dec 2018

How to Make the Most Out of Your 10-Minute Break

You’re buried in your computer, books, and your paperwork, just going hours and hours of thinking, memorizing, and typing. Sounds familiar, huh? You look at the clock and you realize you’ve been at it for hours and
24 Dec 2018

Clothing Blamed for Sexual Harassment

A LOT OF PEOPLE who vape most likely enjoy the freedom of the experience. Aside from the vaping itself, you probably find joy in the freedom to choose what E-cig model you buy, what E-Cig starter kit
21 Dec 2018

A Simple Move to Help Save the Earth

A SERIES of photographs has recently been going around the social media. The photographs were taken by marine biologist depicting animals entangled or have ingested plastics. They were both heartbreaking and gut-wrenching. For reference, check this out:
17 Dec 2018

3 Federal Laws To Remember When Vaping

What do you know about vaping? You must have heard people used the term a couple of times, but you never really gave it a thought because you have been trying very hard to quit smoking (for
12 Dec 2018

Travel Policies Part II: You Are Not Allowed To Bring Your Vape In These Countries

Do you like traveling abroad? Who doesn’t want to go to another place to explore the wonders it has to offer. Whether you are taking off for a business trip, you know you can’t leave behind the
7 Dec 2018

Vaping Beginners: 3 Facts About Dry Herb Vaporizers

How well do you know vaping? Have you tried vaping dry herb? Reading these questions might come as silly to you considering you have been vaping for quite a while now. And yet, these questions are asking
3 Dec 2018

Vaping Beginners: Everything You Need To Know Before That First Puff!

For the past years, several individuals considered smoking cigarettes as a coping mechanism during exhaustion and challenging situations. However, tobacco sticks contain cancer-causing substances, toxic metals, and poison which infiltrate the bloodstream of smokers every time they