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12 Dec 2016

Difference Between Vaping and E-Cigarettes: The Must-Read Facts

With the implementation of smoking ban in some parts of the country and the world, some smokers have had shifted to the use of e-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes as an alternative. Instead of the traditional way of
12 Dec 2016

How to Drip: Become A Cloud Chasing Pro

Notice how the hard or complicated matter is always the most rewarding? Say, climbing Mt. Everest. It’s one of the most difficult things to do. But once you accomplish the task at hand, it’s just the most
12 Dec 2016

What are Vaping Devices: Know Your E-cigarette

Starters who wanted to try vaping are often faced with the biggest challenge of selecting the appropriate device that would best suit their needs. And mind you, the selection process can become very overwhelming. The availability of
12 Dec 2016

What are Vaping Mods: Its Evolution and Types

Vapers who start with vape pens eventually look for something more enjoyable and customizable. While some vape pens offer some degree of customization, some are unable to produce over 10 to 12 watts, says a publication by
12 Dec 2016

What are Vaping Bars: The Hot Spot Where Cloud Chasers Meet

Vapers would always want to find a place where they could sit down, relax and enjoy a puff of their favorite e-cigs. With the growing popularity of vaping among the Americans, several vape bars have sprouted in
12 Dec 2016

Why Vaping is Better than Cigarettes: Facts Here for You to Read

Cigarettes are bad for the health, everybody knows that. It’s bad for the pocket, too. But some people continue to smoke anyway because it’s hard to get rid of a habit. But there is a safer and
1 Dec 2016

Where Is Vaping Prohibited? States That Impose a Statewide Vaping Ban

Everybody knows that cigarette smoking is dangerous to one’s health. But more often than not, smoking has become a habit. So for those having a hard time quitting, vaping is the right transition. Consumer Reports, in an