Monthly Archive:: July 2015

31 Jul 2015

The e-Vapor Market is Growing by Evolving

In a recent article ( ) its author Richard Craver sated “There is increasing evidence that adult consumers may be tapering off their initial enthusiasm for electronic cigarettes, which could limit their potential for benefiting public
27 Jul 2015

MAXX Vapor Products Coming in August!!

We are very proud to announce that in August, we will premier our new MAXX Vapor e-Liquid line. Since 2007 we have focused our attention to create an e- Liquid that actually keeps the promise made by
20 Jul 2015

Another Monday, Another Study Proves e-Vapor Products Are Safe

Dull it is to read a Google alert that claims a “health advocate” states that “we just don’t know what are in these e-Vapor products. We need more study.” The first question I would pose to that
16 Jul 2015

California e-Vapor Regulatory Bill Dies-For All the Wrong Reasons

Only in California could this happen. The good folks up in Sacramento thought it would be a great idea to have “classified electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, banned their use in public places and ramped up enforcement
13 Jul 2015

More and More Studies Verify e-Vapor Safety

Very heartening to see more and more positive stories from media about how safe e-Vapor products are in comparison to tobacco cigarettes. Please view the following report from the BBC..sadly one of the rare sources for logical
9 Jul 2015

My Interview With Marketplace

I would like to thank Kimberly Adams of Marketplace ( )for giving me and the TVECA the opportunity to be interviewed about the debate currently being held about how the FDA should regulate e-Vapor products. Her
6 Jul 2015

Doctors are Beginning to Embrace e-Vapor-Enough About Further Study

In a recent article about e-Vapor products titled “Heart Surgeon Convinced of e-Cigarette Benefits” renowned heart surgeon Dr. Gopal Bhantnagar stated “We’re taking people off combustible tobacco and putting them onto an alternative, which may or may