Monthly Archive:: June 2015

30 Jun 2015

Another e-Cig Study-Another Waste of Taxpayers Money

I had the opportunity to speak with a reporter who was doing a story ( ) on a $3,500,000 tax-payer funded study by the National Institutes of Health on, get this, ” whether there’s truth to the
23 Jun 2015

The Truth About Nicotine

We in the e-Vapor industry have the unenviable task of redefining nicotine and in some sense rehabilitating this naturally occurring alkaloid. Both caffeine and nicotine are classified as secondary stimulants because, unlike drugs such as amphetamines and cocaine,
22 Jun 2015

Just Back From Vapor Expo International

Just back from Vapor Expo International ( ) and have to say was one of the most enlightening experiences in my eight years of being part of this industry. I am absolutely amazed at how free markets
11 Jun 2015

NICMAXX and Dual Use

As one of the first e-Vapor products brought to the U.S in 2007, we have focused our attention on creating a product that smokers can fully transition to as we thought by the products very name, “electronic
9 Jun 2015

I Will Be Speaking At Vapor Expo International

I am very excited again to be speaking at this years Vapor Expo International June 17th and 18th in Chicago ( ). This is my third year having the opportunity in speaking to the e-Vapor industry.
5 Jun 2015

You Know Your Products Work When….

people risk life, limb and a felony count to get them! Don’t tell me that e-Vapor products don’t deliver what the smokers want in a vastly less harmful water vapor. Or better ask Daniel M. Olsen….. Police
3 Jun 2015

Former WHO Doctor Who Headed Framework Convention on Tobacco Control-e Cigs Safer

Ever since we came to market in 2007 people who simply do a cursory review of the technology of the electronic cigarette would admit that this product that simply combines five household ingredients, all of which have