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27 May 2015

Tiring, Boring, Dull….Another Hit Piece by a Faux-Journlist

Millions of Americans who are now and will greatly benefit by transitioning to e-Vapor products are being fed tired, boring, dull, unscientific hit pieces on our industry by entities that profess to be “journalists” and presenting “news”
22 May 2015

What is the Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

This is a very popular request from our new clients and new “e-Cig” consumers who approach us when we do our demonstration events. Smokers who hear about how e-Vapor products are helping smokers transition away from tobacco
19 May 2015

States to Balance Budget Shortfalls on the Backs of Vapers

In wholly irresponsible acts, states nationally have began the process of addressing the upcoming changes in the monies they are receiving since the Tobacco Master Settlement of 1998 that gave states 25 years of payments from tobacco
15 May 2015

The Many Legislative Paths of e-Vapor Products-Confusing Ain’t It

In a recent article from the Courthouse News Service, the state of Indiana is addressing the legislative over site of e-Vapor products per Enroll Act 1432 ( ). In the years since the e-Vapor market began
11 May 2015

Shameful Scientific Dis-Information-Our New Normal

I made a pledge that after this post I will write, at least for a week, nothing but positives about this industry and avoid writing about all the negatives that are thrown at us all daily. Today
8 May 2015

Dual Use A Good Thing

There is a new controversy for those that just cannot cope with e-Vapor products success in transitioning tobacco smokers to our vastly less harmful e-Vapor products and that is now that “dual use” of e-Vapor products and
7 May 2015

Some Thoughts on e-Cigs/e-Vapor Role as a Cessation Product

In a recent Yahoo news article titled “Task Force Recommendations Address E-Cigs — And Their Role In Quitting Smoking” author Jenna Birch   ( ) provides her thoughts on e-Cigs/e-Vapor products being-or in this case not being
4 May 2015

They Like Us-They Really Do!

We made NICMAXX back in 2010 as a dedicated brand for a very select and very particular consumer-the full flavored smoker. It took our work as a founding e-Vapor firm in 2007 to get all the hardware