Monthly Archive:: April 2015

30 Apr 2015

Logic e-Vapor Products Acquired by Japan Tobacco

In a single transaction a foreign firm confirms the strength of the American e-Vapor market. Japan Tobacco has entered into an agreement to acquire Logic Technology Development, makers of Logic Brand electronic cigarettes. The e-Vapor market for the
27 Apr 2015

FDA Director of Tobacco Products Gets It. e-Vapor Less Harmful Than Tobacco Cigarettes

Recently FDA Director of Tobacco Products, Mitch Zeller, stated precisely what we, the e-Vapor industry, have claimed since our inception: that we are simply a vastly less harmful product for those smokers looking for a safe product
21 Apr 2015

A Sadly Rare, Honest Opinion of e-Vapor Products by Academia

The e-Vapor industry goes through “quiet” cycles of months at a time when there is very little for the media to report on-and that in itself should be reported on as if we were indeed at any
16 Apr 2015

My Reply to an Interview With ABC News

I had the opportunity to speak with Michelle Jamison, MD a Medical Correspondent with ABC News. She was very polite and was very open to listening to what the industry has to say about criticisms that we
13 Apr 2015

How NICMAXX Products are Produced

Since e-Vapor products were brought to the U.S. in 2007 there has been confusion as to what they really are and how they are produced. I would like to take time to briefly explain the process as
6 Apr 2015

You Cannot Claim a Product Harmful When No One is Harmed

The e-Vapor industry is in it’s eighth year on the market and to date not a single individual has claimed that an e-Vapor product in any configuration has caused the minutest irritation, uncomfort, rash, pimple, sneeze, blister,