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30 Mar 2015

A Reply to a Client About California’s Purposeful Lies About e-Vapor Products

—–Original Message—– From: xxxx xxxxx  [] Sent: Friday, March 27, 2015 3:33 PM To: Thomas Kiklas Subject: CA ecig ads Have you seen their new ads? Yes, wrote about it twice: Such an easy campaign to
27 Mar 2015

My Real Fake Interview

Sadly it seems that the profession of journalism has forgone abiding by its core creed of “clear thinking, clear statement, accuracy and fairness are fundamental to good journalism” as the state of California has invested it’s taxpayers dollars
25 Mar 2015

California Department of Health Campaign Verifies e-Vapor’s Safety, Efficacy

On March 24 the California Department of Health released an ad campaign that supports the industry’s claims since 2007 that e-Vapor products are a vastly less-harmful option for smokers than tobacco cigarettes-and for that we thank the
23 Mar 2015

Substantial Equivalency Review

The e-Vapor market has entered it’s eighth year serving the American market and that is a good thing. The industry has overcome mind numbing attempts to curb and even eliminate its existence and we keep rolling along
16 Mar 2015

NICMAXX Brief History

As the e-Vapor industry enters it’s eighth year on the domestic market many, many smokers are being (safely) exposed to our industry and more importantly for us, our products. Lots of people and companies claim to be
13 Mar 2015

Why Do Smokers Prefer NICMAXX to all Other e-Vapor Products on the Market?

First, NICMAXX is a family owned firm-we are not owned by a large corporation. As a company we only do one thing-create products for the full flavored smoker to use daily as their replacement for their beloved
11 Mar 2015

TVECA Response to e-Vapor Unit Failure in L.A.

On March 9 a larger e-Vapor tank unit failed in Santa Ana Ca. We were contacted by local news station Fox L.A. to respond. That response is posted here: In the piece I responded that indeed we
9 Mar 2015

Science Links to Send to Those Questioning Our Product Safety

On almost a weekly basis there are dichotomous articles that are written about the e-vapor industry. On one hand, scientific reports and consumer testimonials are produced that verify what we have said for years; that e-Vapor products
4 Mar 2015

The Question of e-Vapor Product Safety is Now Put to Rest

In a study published in the “Journal Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology” ( ) AGAIN confirms what the e-Vapor industry and 45 other scientifically peer reviewed studies have confirmed: that e-Vapor products absolutely, without further debate, vastly less
2 Mar 2015

Even the FDA is Confused About e-Vapor Products

In a recent article ( ) Mitch Zeller, Director of the Center for Tobacco Products for the FDA stated when asked if e-Cigarettes could help tobacco smokers quit, “FDA can’t make regulatory policy on the basis