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25 Apr 2019

Have You Bought Your Vaporizer Car Charger?

Are you a fan of portability and convenience? If you vape and has been wanting to do it anytime and anywhere, a car charger is the best handy tool. You just have to find a car charger
17 Apr 2019

4 Secrets To E-Cigatette Battery Safety?

Electronic cigarettes may seem a lot safer than actual cigarettes, but like any other electronic devices, they are not exempted from explosion risks. E-cigarettes produce that heat which you feel right when you are using it. Since
28 Mar 2019

The E-Cigarette Liquid Ideal For You

APART FROM the e-cigarette, the most important element in vaping is the e-cigs liquid. The sensation, flavor and vapor production all depends on this addicting substance users inhale during vaping sessions. With the huge selection of e-cigs
21 Mar 2019

Can You Bring Vape, E-Liquid On-Board Plane?

Are you planning on travelling anytime soon? Whether it’s for work or a vacation, it is important to keep in mind some guidelines in the use of vapes while on travel. Much like that of tobacco cigarettes,
5 Mar 2019

The Best E-Cigarette Liquid for Beginners

Looking for help on your first e-liquid refill? Or maybe you just need to get some ideas as you switch from pre-filled cartridges to refilling your own for the very first time. Whatever your reasons are, if
28 Feb 2019

How to Enjoy Vaping a Little Longer

DON’T YOU just hate it when somebody pulls the plug on your fun? It’s like the feeling you get when you realize that summer vacation’s over or when you found out that Santa Claus wasn’t real. Well
21 Feb 2019

Every Female Vaper Loves The SheVapes Cheery Cartridge Pack

DIFFERENT PEOPLE vape for different reasons. Some — whether willingly or forced — vape to make the big switch from the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Some vape just to explore a new way of playing with vapor and
12 Feb 2019

Why Every Newbie Vaper Should Try the Nickmaxx (The Maxxx) Starter Kit

AS A HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE to smoking, vaping has taken off the past few years. While it may seem intimidating and overwhelming to first-time vapers , bidding goodbye to cigarettes and is a courageous act it not downright
5 Feb 2019

The Nicmaxx Vaping Starter Kits at a Glance

“YOU NEED to stop smoking. Don’t you know what smoking does to the body? Why don’t you just quit?” Sounds familiar? If you are a smoker, your ears may have gone immune to these reprimands. While you
20 Aug 2018

Cheap Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit for Newbies

So you’ve been smoking tobacco for years, and you want to switch to e-cigs. Good for you! As this is a lifestyle change and wouldn’t be easy, I hope you’re mentally and physically ready. And if you