Vape Store Locator (Apps/Directories)

vape store locator

Vaping devices are becoming increasingly popular among smokers. As a result, more and more business owners are opening e-cigarette stores. Unlike before, you can now find retail stores that offer e-liquid, vaporizers, and e-cigs in just a matter of minutes. Some of these shops, however, are only small-time stores so you might not even be aware that they exist in your area. This is where an app or directory can come in handy.

Vape store locators offer a simple and convenient way of finding the nearest e-cigarette shop and planning how to get there. With just a few clicks, a vape store locator can provide you with information about a shop including its opening time, phone number, address, and driving directions. Some apps even allow you to read and write reviews about a shop’s vaping kits and products.

Here’s a list of vape locators that you might find extremely helpful:


This is one of the most popular e-cig apps. Its vape store map allows you to search for a shop near you whether you are in the UK, USA, or mainland Europe. Aside from directions and contact details, the app also advises you of discounts and special offers at participating locations. With this app, you can easily check out a new store, make friends with other e-cig users, and talk about your love for vaping.

Vapor Search USA

This is the world’s largest e-cigarette directory. It was founded in 2009 with the purpose of providing people with an online source that can help them locate retail and online vape shops while they’re traveling or searching for products online. All you have to do is share your location to view all the local e-cig stores in your area. This website also lets you click on a state so that you can search for shops by state.

The Vapor Rater

With over 14,000 shops in its database, this website has the largest collection of brick and mortar vapor shops in the United States and Canada.To find an e-cig store near you, you just need to enter your city, state, zip code, street address, or a fairly unique trademark in your area into the search box at the top of the page. This directory also allows you to review shops that you’ve been to. The reviews posted by different vapers also makes it easier for you to find a good vape shop near you.

Cig Buyer

This was developed by a team of electronic cigarette users who were frustrated with the lack of complete and unbiased information about e-cigs. Their website lets you search your area for vapor shops and retail vape stores. It also offers a list of online-only vaping suppliers. In addition, you can find in-depth e-cig and juice reviews, industry updates, and useful tips and advice about vaping here.

Local Vape Spot 

This is a vape shop reviews site where you can search for shops that sell electronic cigarette products in your area. It provides you with various reviews and tools to help you find the best vape shop for all your electronic cigarette needs.

Quit Smoking Community

This website currently has over three hundred local vape shops in their database and it’s constantly being updated to ensure that vapers can easily find e-liquid, vaporizers and e-cigs near them. This locator uses google maps to help you locate the nearest e-cigarette store. It’s simple, fast, and easy to navigate.

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