Why Quit: 6 Known Bad Effects of Smoking Explained

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Ever wondered if there are positive effects to smoking cigarettes? Right, there is none. But look for bad effects, and you sure won’t run out. Time and again people have been encouraged by governments, advocates, and organizations to avoid and quit smoking. Measures have been put in place to discourage its patronage such as putting exorbitant excise taxes and printing pictures of sick and dying people over the cigarette box in hopes of instilling fear to buyers. Some governments even ban smoking in public places so that they can at least help lessen second-hand smoke and make it difficult for smokers to access the habit whenever, wherever. Yet, after all these efforts, most smokers still find it difficult to quit.
Let’s take a look at the bad effects of smoking as top reasons why smokers should really consider quitting:

  1. Cancerous Ingredients – there are probably about 4,000 ingredients in a cigarette aside from tobacco. Most of these ingredients actually cause cancer. Here are some of its known contents:
  • Cyanide – a deadly poison
  • Butane Gas – used as lighter fluid
  • Lead – poisonous in high doses
  • Carbon monoxide – known toxic gas
  • Arsenic – component of rat poisons
  • Ammonia – household cleaner
  • Cadmium – component in batteries
  • Benzene – for making dye
  • Naphthalene – Ingredient in mothballs
  • Polonium – cancer-causing radioactive element
  • Formaldehyde – used to preserve dead bodies
  1. Ashtray Smell – This affects not just you but others as well. For others, especially the non-smokers, your smell can be really strong and unpleasant. But you probably won’t mind. That’s because smoking cigarettes has already numbed your sense of smell. Studies even show that because of having an impaired sense of smell, you also don’t get to enjoy the taste of food as intensely as you used to.
  1. Dry and Dull Skin – If you’re a woman, this could be the worst part. Smoking causes premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. This is due to the toxic chemicals mentioned earlier in item #1. When the chemicals and smoke enter your body, they block an adequate amount of oxygen supply to the skin. And as a result, the skin gets dry, dull and lifeless.
  1. Poor Oral Health – Smoking and use of tobacco are linked with various dental problems. The symptoms vary from as simple as bad breath, tooth discoloration, cavities to severe conditions such as lesser bone density in jaw, and gum diseases.
  1. Sacrificing your loved ones – This might sound overly dramatic, but your loved ones, who are almost always the ones around you can be getting the worst end of your smoking habits. Secondhand smoke, which is said to cause about 50,000 deaths a year, could be what you’re giving to your spouse, kids, friends and even your entire community. In fact, a number of studies showed that when a community imposes a smoke-ban, the number of heart attacks seen at their hospitals shrinks by 20% to 30%.
  1. Money, money, money – While the price of a pack of cigarettes varies per state we can peg it at about $5 – $10 per pack. Conservatively at $5, that’s $1800 a year that you could save. That doesn’t even include the fact that when you are a smoker, you are more likely prone to sickness and infections. Which means, you’ll be needing more money for the hospital and medications.

There simply is no reason why quitting would be that bad for you. On the other hand, the upside of it can be very bright not only for your overall health but also to the health of the ones you love.

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