The E-Cigarette Starter Kit for the Beginner

THINKING OF vaping? If you are a cigarette smoker who wants a total 360-degree lifestyle change — we mean, from smoking to vaping — the first thing you need to know is choosing an e-cigarette starter kit ideal for you.

Inevitably, walking into the local vape store would overwhelm you with shelves of e-cigarettes in various makes and models, ranging from simple to bizarre-looking vape units. Despite all these variations, there are, of course, some basic similarities they all possessed.

First things first, they are all battery operated, so yes, they need to be plugged in every once in a while. Next, the e-cig liquid — it is refillable — is the traditional tobacco’s e-cig counterpart. Now, this is where the differences come in.

For the larger e-cigarette starter kit, the liquid is placed in a refillable tank. So, if you run out of e-cig liquid, all you need to do is pop it open and refill it. For the smaller e-cigarette starter kit, however, the liquid is already placed inside a pod. When the liquid runs out, this is disposed and a new one is inserted into the e-cigarette.

Other difference between these two is the battery life. The larger models have four to five times battery life than the smaller ones and have more e-cig liquid allowing longer vaping sessions. The larger kits possessed features that control airflow allowing a different sensation for the vaper.

So what’s the advantage of the smaller beginner kits? Well, if you’re just starting out in vaping, smaller kits would be a lot easier to use and are more practical since they’re more portable, easier to handle and also contain enough e-liquid for the typical beginner.

It’s important to keep these things in mind if you’re planning to buy your own e-cig starter kit and of course, like all the warning you hear, you should always vape in moderation.   

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