How to Clean a Vaporizer and Its Parts

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The e-cigarette is one of the hottest things on the market today and buying one can get pretty costly. To enjoy using it for a long time, you need to observe proper maintenance. Cleaning your e-cig with the right materials is one of the most important things that you can do to make it last. If you’ve never done it before, you’re in for a surprise. Why? You may think that cleaning a small tool such as a vaporizer is quick and easy, but it can get pretty messy at times. Knowing how and when to clean every piece is paramount.

Tools for Cleaning an E-Cig

Before you start cleaning your vaporizer, you need to prepare the things that you will need.

  •    Old towel or paper towel
  •    Q-tip
  •    High grain alcohol or warm water

The Q-tip will help you reach into the tight corners of your e-cig to make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned. Always remember that you should never use isopropyl alcohol in cleaning any vaping tool. Its harsh ingredients can damage the vaporizer and its parts.

Parts of an E-cigarette – How and Why You Should Clean It

  •    Battery – this is an essential part of your vaporizer. You should never let it drain thoroughly. Make sure to take them out and wipe the heads with a clean piece of cloth at least once a week. Regularly check it for signs of leakage or wear and tear to help extend its life. Always make sure that the terminals are clean as accumulated dirt is the number one cause of damage.
  •    Tanks – vaping with a dirty tank can significantly affect the taste and performance of your tool. You can clean it every time you change the atomizer. Make sure to remove the coil before rinsing it with water or unflavored high grain alcohol. Using the latter is preferred by most vapers because it dries out faster than water. Also, water residue can cause damage to the coil.
  •    Coil – this part does not call for any rinsing or scrubbing. However, you need to go through it every 10 or 14 days, depending on how often you vape. Some coils are more resistant than others and knowing when to change them can increase the life of your entire mod. You will know if you have a burnt out coil because you can taste it every time you puff. You will also experience dry hits and a decrease in vapor production.

Regular cleaning and proper maintenance are crucial in the life of your vaping gear. Never leave your e-juice or tanks under direct heat or sunlight because it can cause leakage. It can also alter the taste and thin out the already steeped e-juice.

Since there are different types of vaporizers, it’s essential that you know which type you have. Find out how to clean it; you can ask the manufacturer for the steps to avoid causing unnecessary damage. Avoid filling the tank all the way or letting the e-juice run too low. If you take good care of your e-cig, you can hold onto it for years and enjoy every vaping experience.

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