The Benefit You Get from Vaping Menthol

MENTHOL is so underrated. A lot of our foods contain menthol in them, most common being candy.

Most of the time, we get them not for its taste, but rather, the minty feeling that we love so much. When we eat menthol flavored candies, we get this cool sensation that spreads throughout our mouth and throat. When we breathe in, we feel the cold air flow from our nose down to our chest. The whole thing just feels so relaxing and soothing.

Nicmaxx, an online vaping store, has menthol-themed e-cig cartridges refill cartridges, with each package containing 5 refill cartridges. Funny enough, these are packaged similarly to mint candies.

A lot of vapers have probably purchased a few of these refillable cartridges online, but did you know that having menthol themed vapes does have a benefit?

When we catch some colds or nasal allergies, one of the most terrible experiences we get a clogged nose. That feeling of being unable to breathe normally coupled with an oversensitive nose is just pure pain.

But with Nicmaxx and a few whiffs from some of their menthol sticks with refill cartridges online and you are good. The same can apply for vaping.

Studies have shown that our nasal cavities have cold receptors. These are basically mechanisms within our nose and throat that help detect whether the air is cold.

When the passageway is exposed to menthol, it triggers the cold receptors and depresses the nasal activities. The depression of such activities triggers a more relaxed breathing.

Vaping could even serve as an effective mean of delivering the menthol throughout the throat and the nasal cavity. The dispersion of the vapor allows maximum exposure of the menthol to the necessary cold receptors.

Of course, vaping menthol should not and should never be used for medicinal purposes, but it can provide some comfort for some in times of nasal irritability.  

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