Free E-Cigarette Starter Kit With Free Shipping For Newbies

Hi! You must be new to the world of e-cigarette smoking and are wondering about where to start. It can be pretty intimidating at first but trust that you are making the right decision to switch from traditional cigarette smoking to e-cigarettes. Also, you can be sure that your vaping community will guide you and make things easier for you along the way. In fact, this article will do exactly that! So continue reading on as I provide you,

The 4 Top Most E-Cig Beginner Friendly Companies that Offer Free Shipping of Starter Kits:

  1. NICMAXX.COM NICMAXX Electronic Cigarettes have been around the e-cig market for more than a decade and are known as one of the industry’s founding brands. They offer starter kits priced at $19.95 that already contains an electronic cigarette with a rechargeable battery, 2 flavor cartridges, and a USB charger. GET FREE SHIPPING SPECIAL ON ORDERS OVER $75!


  1. NJOY.COM – NJOY is the company known to sell e-cigs in order to provide smokers with an alternative to combustible cigarettes and as a result, rid the world of combustible cigarettes. Their RECHARGE STARTER KIT contains 1 portable pack, 2 pre-charged 110mAh rechargeable batteries, 1 Gold Tobacco Flavor Chamber, 1 Menthol Flavor Chamber, and 1 special Press-Fit™ USB charger all for $7.99! GET FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $50!


  1. ZEMOCIGS.COM – this company is relatively new and said to be founded by smokers as well to to find a cigarette that would give the flavor and function of a tobacco product without the mess and hassle that comes with it. Their popular Zemo E-Cigarette Starter Kit is pegged at $19.99 and already contains 1 Portable Charging Case, 2 Rechargeable Batteries, five flavor Cartridges, 1 USB Charging Cable, 1 Wall Charger, 1 User’s Manual, 1 Gift Box, and surprisingly, 1 Year Warranty! This is quite new and promising for you already get a jam-packed package for less than $20! GET FREE U.S. SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $25!


  1. HALOCIGS.COM – this company started with a vision that claims to empower adult smokers to give up cigarettes by giving them a better choice, and includes saving lives as their purpose. However cheesy that sounds, it appears to be true as they are currently offering a $35.00 E-cigarette starter kit that contains the following: 2 – G6 Automatic Batteries (78mm), 5 – Cartomizers (Prefilled or Blank), 1 – USB Charger, 1 – Wall Charger, and 1 – User Manual. The product aka “The G6’s Infiniglow” is currently on the top ten best e-cigs in 2018 that also gives FREE SHIPPING FOR PURPOSES OVER $50.

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