What To Do When E-Cig Has Leaking Tank?

Vape lovers share one very common unpleasant experience, the leaking tank. The first time it happens, users may freak out when they get a drop of e-liquid on their finger. However, the reasons why these vape tanks leaking should not panic you. It is an unpleasant experience, yes no doubt, but it can be fixed quite easily.

First of all, it is not really about having a faulty device. According to E Cigs Liguid experts, it is more of the user’s actions that causes the leak to drip down the side of your vape mod.

What are the most common causes of leaks? How can it be stopped?

Be cautious in filling-up the tank.

In filling up the tank, proper caution should be observed so that the e-juice will not go down your tank’s airflow tube. Remember that this is your vape device’s main part which runs to its drip tip. Make sure to avoid filling out its chimney, but if this was filled accidentally, clean it out first before putting your device back together. Leave a little space on your tank to give room for air pockets. It is very important to never overfill your tanks.

Cut the wick at proper length.

For your e-cigarette to function properly, make sure to cut out the appropriate length of cotton wick. To do this, do not forget the rule that it should neither be obstructing the juice channels nor touching it. If you are not sure about the length, visit a nearby shop for guidance.

Place/Replace O rings regularly.

One of the common reasons for the leak is damaged O rings. Check your vape part for the O rings and make sure these are properly placed. If the rings have been worn out, replace them immediately to avoid any leaking.

Seal the e-cig.

It is common to observe e-juice leaking from devices, which were not tightly sealed or if the parts were not put together properly. It is vital to check if the device is tightly sealed to avoid leaks. You can only seal it properly if the rest of the other parts have been placed correctly on the device.

Store tanks vertically.

Tanks must not be stored horizontally. The design of the vape device includes the tank to be placed vertically because horizontally storing it may lead to leaking of e-juice. It is vital not to have leaks on the airflow holes. You can also visit the nearest shop if replacement is needed. While charging your device, you can remove the tank before placing it on a horizontal position.

If you are experiencing any leaks from the side of your vape mod, you do not need to fret. Relax and take a close look at the parts of your device to know where the leak originated. This way you will be able to determine the best way to resolve the issue and go back to vaping in no time.

Leaking of tanks can be frustrating because it disrupts the fun of enjoying the cloudy vapors. If the leaking prevails, bring your device to the nearest E Cigs Liquid store where they can determine if a new tank is necessary to fix the problem.

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