Breaking the Stereotype for the Female Vaper

MOST PEOPLE holds a prejudiced notion on vaping. It’s that badass hobby enjoyed mostly by guys.

However, if a lady vapes, we immediately imagine a cool, hipster girl with a rather tomboyish, devil-may-care personality.

Seldom do we picture a young, sweet, princess-like lady huffing thick smokes of vapor, blowing them out with this dispassionate look on her face. It sounds ironic because usually, we find the two a bit incompatible with each other.

Interestingly enough, a study that determines how society viewed the female smoker saw a significant number of people holding on to the stereotype that smoking is rather a masculine activity because to some extent, the act socially symbolizes deviance and recklessness. It’s not a surprise, then, why people (especially non-smokers, as it turns out) see smoking or vaping as unlady-like and degrading for women.

However, the study emphasized the notion as untrue. In fact, based on the findings, a lot of people also see smoking as elegant and sophisticated, actually associating such act to social independence.

They saw smoking as a way of taking charge and deciding for your own self regardless of the social stereotypes. So in a way, smoking was seen as a sense of empowerment for women.

A lot of female vapers are happy to vape every once in a while. So for the female e-cig users out there, it’s interesting to know that there are ways to make vaping a bit more personal — vaping accessories!

These are little add-ons you get for your vape device. Using these accessories, Female vapers can have a more feminine style of vaping.

You can get the Shevapes battery by Nicmaxx, the summer colored vape case by JUUL, or even a feminine-themed vape charm. Indeed, the number of accessories you can buy is endless.

As they say, people would make the most out of what they have, to express their personality. So if you’re a female vaper, you always have the option to go beyond these stereotypes and try to show the world that vaping CAN have a feminine side.

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