3 Helpful Approaches to Nicotine Withdrawal Management

QUITTING cigarette smoking is as easy as a pie!

For non-smokers, that may sound so simple; but for those who have been smoking all their lives? Nah uh… Only saying it is the easiest part. Executing the plan is an entirely different thing.   

In fact, you may even be in a real struggle a few months after you have started the tobacco recession. Blame it on the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. This devil would make you spend several days craving for more nicotine.

Loss of appetite is also possible, together with stress. Strangely though, you also end up eating more than your usual appetite could handle. This would also cause your hands to tremble, and sometimes even makes you wanna throw up.  

But just like the rainbow that shows up after the rain, there is hope for those who have successfully overcome that terrible syndrome that follows after totally eradicating tobacco.

While you are still at it — struggling to avoid the slightest hint or urge to light a stick — you could stuff your mouth with any of these three helpful food and non-food alike. Temporarily, though, if you may.

  1. Bubblegum

The sensation a bubblegum provides may not even be half as pleasurable as that of a tobacco, but its hard chewy substance will keep your teeth, tongue, and jaw busy for a couple of minutes. Go for a strong minty flavor for a much challenging chew.

       2. Betel Nut

A seed from a certain kind of palm tree (Areca catechu), the betel nut is either sliced or ground up and then wrapped in Piper betel vine leaves, which then coated with lime.

This could be a temporary solution to your nicotine withdrawal symptoms as the red seeds keep your mouth busy.

Word of caution, though, when you have totally eradicated smoking, make sure to also end the habit of chewing this as it is linked to most oral cancer cases.

       3. Disposable E-Cigarette  

This may not make up for the intense sensation you feel from smoking tobacco, but hey, look at the brighter side: fewer chemicals and toxins for your body, meaning, you can still have something in your mouth that is not as dangerous to your health as tobacco.

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