Do You Want to Quit Traditional Smoking? Read This!

Choosing the appropriate electronic cigarette (e-cig) vs. the traditional tobacco cigarettes for every adult smoker is definitely different. Vaping devices and e-cigs selection are more complex. It considers a lot of factors depending on any user’s personal preferences and vaping needs as specifications and capabilities of e-cigs vary in broad options in the market. If you’re a newbie to electronic cigarette devices, becoming more concerned health-wise but couldn’t quit the habit of smoking, or just curious of what an e-cig has to offer given its bandwagon in your area, then here’s a list of the best e-cigs to get you started with what to smoke electronically.

Best Transitioning E-cig

Heard about cigalike? The likes, they say, is the best transitioning e-cig there is, especially for smokers who prefer convenience above everything. Quitting the traditional smoking is a hard process for many and to begin with that journey, a cigarette-like device would be helpful. Those that are lightweight and easy-to-use almost contain similar features with conventional smokes, and in so many ways cheaper compared to the other types of electronic smoking devices. A starter kit of e-cig features a refillable tank where you can use any e-liquid of your desired flavour. It also appears elegant and stylish; available in different colours. One of its significant features is the rechargeable battery which often lasts a day. If you forget to charge the battery overnight, you can always use the spare battery included in most kits. Cigalikes are perfect for new e-cig users, feeding their curiosity to what electronic smoking feels like.

Step-up With Vape Pens

If you happen to exhaust the satisfaction brought by cigalikes, then there’s nothing wrong in stepping up and use vape pens. The rechargeable battery of vape pens is more powerful than cigalikes. It also contains a tank to hold the e-liquid and the removable atomizers, making it more cost-efficient. Most of this kind have a slightly bigger pen-like appearance to offer more vaping volume for an advanced vaping experience, which is why it is more expensive than normal cigalikes.

How About Vape Mods?

For a customized and lavish vaping experience with a large upgrade from cigalikes, vape mods or box mods are your ultimate choice. It may be manufactured as a small box to a large cylinder, which is definitely bigger and heavier than vape pens and cigalikes. Its rechargeable and removable batteries have a longer life and higher voltages. What makes it the best in the market outperforming cigalikes and vape pens is the fact that it comes with a highly customizing capability. This added specification that can’t be found in the other types of e-cigs offers personalized experience depending on the user’s preferred voltage and coil’s temperature. Most vape mods also have a touch screen user interface for the most thrilling vaping sensation that you will ever have.

Is it a safe tobacco cigarette substitute?

It is indeed proven that vaping is a safer alternative to traditional smoking. Research studies revealed that though both forms have nicotine as their primary addiction-causing substance, e expose lesser toxic chemicals than tobacco cigarettes. However, switching to vaping is not the most ideal move either because they can also be as addictive as those conventional tobacco cigarettes. The use of e-cigs should be limited, like most other things in the world.

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