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13 Jun 2019

Standard Coils Vs. Pre-build Coils: Which Is The Better Option?

How many times have you been told that the money you pay should be the quality you are getting? You must have thought that this when you were out to buy electronic cigarettes. When you are new
11 Jun 2019

Lesser Likelihood Of “Soldier Down,” Thanks To E-cigarettes

The trend of switching from the use of tobacco smoking to electronic vapes has already reached the military personnel. According to the latest data, there is a significant number of a specific military troop who uses e-cigarettes
6 Jun 2019

Here Are Two Ways to Properly Refill E-liquid To Your Vape Tank

When you buy e-cig cartridges, refill is a big part of it and can save you more money in doing so. You don’t just want to purchase e-cigarette replacement cartridges that cost more than re-using your existing
4 Jun 2019

2 Best Nicmaxx Flavors That Will Raise the Level of Smoking Experience

  Overwhelming varieties of electronic cigarettes being sold in the market can give a hard time to first-time users when deciding which brand and type of device they should purchase to give them the ultimate vaping experience
2 Jun 2019

4 Secrets To E-Cigatette Battery Safety?

Electronic cigarettes may seem a lot safer than actual cigarettes, but like any other electronic devices, they are not exempted from explosion risks. E-cigarettes produce that heat which you feel right when you are using it. Since
30 May 2019

Have You Heard About Hemp Oil Vape?

Aside from the commercially available e-juices, there is another way in which you can enjoy your vape pen. Are you familiar with the hemp oil vape? It is actually becoming known by the e-cigarette and vape users.
28 May 2019

Have You Bought Your Vaporizer Car Charger?

Are you a fan of portability and convenience? If you vape and has been wanting to do it anytime and anywhere, a vaporizer car charger is the best handy tool. You just have to find a car
23 May 2019

Do You Want to Quit Traditional Smoking? Read This!

Choosing the appropriate electronic cigarette (e-cig) vs. the traditional tobacco cigarettes for every adult smoker is definitely different. Vaping devices and e-cigs selection are more complex. It considers a lot of factors depending on any user’s personal
21 May 2019

Do You Know How To Choose the Best Vape Juice?

One of the most important elements in owning electronic cigarettes is to choose the right vape juice. With so many options and different kinds of flavour available in the market today, you should be very thorough in
16 May 2019

Believe It Or Not, Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

Many people are asking if vaping is really safer than smoking. The answer is a big fat yes. According to reports by several health institutions, electronic cigarettes are 95% safer than traditional tobacco products. Although both forms