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3 Sep 2019

How Vaping Can Affect One’s Oral Health

Cigarette and tobacco smoking is harmful to one’s lungs and teeth. It has a higher risk to cause oral or lung cancer. It can also cause one to have more dental plaques and therefore lead to gum
16 Aug 2019

The Most Important Vaping Etiquette to Consider

Vaping is common among people these days. In fact, the number of people using portable vaporizers continues to grow. Many say that vaping is less harmful than smoking as the body takes in fewer toxic chemicals. However,
27 Jul 2019

Why Nicmaxx “Menthol Maxx” Flavored 36mg Juice for Vapor Will Give You the Ultimate Experience?

It is easy to say to people who smoke to stop this particular vice. However, this is one of the hardest things to do especially if you are a hardcore smoker. You can try to stop at
25 Jul 2019

The Best Nicmaxx Rechargeable Kit That Will Satisfy Your Senses than Traditional Cigarettes

If you are looking for a premium quality electronic cigarette brand that will give you a greater sensation than the traditional cigarettes, then Nicmaxx got you covered. One of the brand’s main components in creating their products
23 Jul 2019

The 5 Best Selling E-Cigarette Accessories that would be Perfect Partners for Your Device

According to research, the electronic cigarette industry will continue to rise with the compound annual growth rate of 22% by 2022 ($19.35 billion). The countries that will contribute to this growth include Russia, the Philippines, Taiwan, South
21 Jul 2019

How to Refill Your E-Cigarette Cartridge The Fast and Easy Way

Whether for the purpose of getting rid of nicotine addiction or recreational use, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are becoming more accepted as an alternative to traditional smoking even by hardcore adult smokers across the world.   E-cigarettes are
19 Jul 2019

E-cigarette Vapor Juice: Check Criteria To Have An Excellent Vaping Experience

Electronic cigarettes became largely popular as the massive drive to abate nicotine addiction of almost 1 billion cigarette smokers transpired worldwide. Aside from being considered as a much safer practice than tobaccos, vaping (the act of smoking
27 Jun 2019

What Should We Know About Vape Pens?

A vape pens is a type of vape, which is nearly similar to the actual tobacco cigarette due to its size and shape. It is an electronic smoking device that produces vapor through a power source that
25 Jun 2019

What Is The Real Score Between Vaping & Popcorn Lung?

It has been quite a number of years now when e-cigarettes were introduced to the market and up until today, most people still believe that they are a better alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. This is especially
13 Jun 2019

Standard Coils Vs. Pre-build Coils: Which Is The Better Option?

How many times have you been told that the money you pay should be the quality you are getting? You must have thought that this when you were out to buy electronic cigarettes. When you are new