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15 Oct 2018

What You Lose When You Move from Tobacco to E-Cig

YOU CALL IT a “one great leap” when you have successfully transitioned from tobacco to electronic cigarette smoking. Why? With the addicting effect of the high nicotine content found in tobacco, leaving the conventional way of smoking
13 Oct 2018

Vaping is Trending

VAPING IS such a huge trend today! When you go around the city, you’ve probably seen a few people breathing into these small gadgets in their hands then breathing out thin foggy vapor – that’s vaping. You’d
11 Oct 2018

Three Famous Male Celebrities Who Smoke E-cigs

WITH THE ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES being almost risk-free (as opposed to its tobacco counterpart) it has risen to fame in no time, penetrating the global market in a rapid trend. In fact, even celebrities are also into e-smoking.
9 Oct 2018

Vaping After a Colonoscopy: A Go or a No?

NO FOOD after 10 pm, no liquids after 8 am the following day, no jewelry, no nail polishes on your toenails and fingernails, no smoking… and the list goes on. Whew… The restrictions are just endless! When
5 Oct 2018

The Top 5 Vaping Accessories for a Vape Merchandising Expert

WHEN IT COMES to vaping, every user has his own fashion and preferences depending on his lifestyle, age, sexual orientation and even profession. In an email interview with a vape merchandising manager, he shared his top five
1 Oct 2018

When All Else Has Turned Electronic

EVERYTHING HAS progressed from its traditional and manual attribute into electronic form. Inevitably, offices have already turned from papers to digital, from hard copies to soft, from bulky filing cabinets to small and compact hard drives, and