14 Nov 2018

The Benefit You Get from Vaping Menthol

MENTHOL is so underrated. A lot of our foods contain menthol in them, most common being candy. Most of the time, we get them not for its taste, but rather, the minty feeling that we love so
12 Nov 2018

The Nicmaxx Starter Kits at a Glance

“YOU NEED to stop smoking. Don’t you know what smoking does to the body? Why don’t you just quit?” Sounds familiar? If you are a smoker, your ears may have gone immune to these reprimands. While you
9 Nov 2018

Flavor is Everything

CIGARETTE SMOKING is dangerous to your health. This has been included in every cigarette’s advertisement on the TV, radio and even on the papers, regardless of the brand. Indeed, with the hype of vaping, a lot of
7 Nov 2018

The E-Cigarette Starter Kit for the Beginner

THINKING OF vaping? If you are a cigarette smoker who wants a total 360-degree lifestyle change — we mean, from smoking to vaping — the first thing you need to know is choosing an e-cigarette starter kit
5 Nov 2018

Getting the Best Out of E-smoking with Vaping Accessories

STARTING YOUR vaping journey is such an amazing experience — that warm sensation you get when the vapor hits your throat and nose when you inhale the flavorful vapor, and that satisfying feeling as you, then, exhale
2 Nov 2018

The Time & Money-Saver Type of E-cigarette

AS KIDS, we were taught to never be wasteful with our money. Our parents always advised us to spend each penny wisely. The adults always talk about the importance of money, telling us that these resources don’t
31 Oct 2018

The Best E-cigarette for the Avid Backpacker

ARE YOU an avid traveler? If you are, you might have encountered the word “backpacking.” Generally, backpacking means traveling and exploring new places while only your backpack as the primary means of carrying all your stuff, hence
29 Oct 2018

Making Vaping the Environmental Friendly Way

THE VAPE PEN is a disposable e-cigarette, meaning, this specific model was designed for single use only. Essentially, using one would mean having to throw it away right after consuming the e-cig liquid. Sure, the vape pen
26 Oct 2018

The Simplicity in Vaping

IF WRITERS have pens, and doctors, the stethoscopes, then vapers have their e-cigarettes. From the outside, many — both vapers and non-vapers alike — see the handheld sleek-looking device as something so simple. Well, that’s because it
24 Oct 2018

Vaping: Your Ticket Out of Cigarette Smoking

VAPING IS THE TICKET out of smoking. This is true to most tobacco smokers who strive hard to quit the vice by shifting into its digital counterpart. Vaping eases the smoker to a less harmful alternative. If